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Microsoft officially took the wraps off Project Scorpio, and guess what they decided to call it? Xbox One X. .. That’s a bit redundant. What kind of Xbox One is it? It’s the X-box. Yeah. which one? The X one. Xbox One. Sigh. Xbox One X will sport 4K HDR visuals using its 6 teraflops of graphics power, more than the PS4 Pro’s 4 teraflops, which will apparently allow it to play a wider range of games in native 4K, instead of upscaled HD. Inside is a custom eight-core CPU, a custom AMD GPU with 40 compute units clocked at 1172MHz – for comparison, the Xbox One and One S have just 12 compute units. It’s also got 12GB of GDDR5 with 326GB/s of bandwidth, a 2.5inch 1 TB hard drive, and a UHD Blu-ray player. Okay, okay. The Xbox One X is launching November 7th, 2017 for 500 bucks US. Microsoft showed off a ton games along with this announcement, but as I said earlier, we’ll get to that later.


Logitech has found an actual useful implementation for wireless charging – a mousepad. Logitech’s new Powerplay technology allows you to perpetually use a wireless gaming mouse, without ever having to worry about charging it, because… it’s always charging. It will require the Powerplay wireless charging base and the Powercore module, which will attach to compatible wireless gaming mice so they can make use of the tech. Rather than use Qi or other current standards, Logitech has developed their own wireless charging method, called Lightspeed, which will be integrated into two mice launched for the occasion, the G903 and G703. Logitech isn’t the first company to think of using wireless charging for mice – Mionix was showing off a prototype back in 2014, and Corsair’s Zeus system had a separate section of the pad for charging – but this is the first time a consumer ready whole-mousepad type thing has been launched. And it’s pretty exciting.


And we’re gonna end it there for pure Tech News, because this is going to be a very long, very special E3 edition of QUICK BITS. Begin!


EA kicked things off with their press conference, showing trailers and gameplay FOR: The Battlefield 1 In the name of the Tsar DLC, Need for Speed Payback, A Way Out, a split screen co-op game from the makers of Brothers Two Souls, Star Wars Battlefront 2, now featuring content from the prequel era and the new trilogy; Madden 18, FIFA 18, NBA Live 18, and a new IP: Anthem, a sci-fi open-world action RPG that basically looks like Destiny, The Division, and Iron Man made sweet love, complete with classic Ubisoft fake gamer chatter.


Next up: Microsoft showed us a lot of Xbox One and PC titles including Metro Exodus, which takes the franchise into the open world, Forza Motorsport 7, Assassin’s Creed Origins, which now features eagles that can apparently stop in midair somehow, oh and seeker arrows; Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is coming to Xbox, as is the MMORPG Black Desert Online; State of Decay 2; Deep Rock Galactic, basically Minecraft and fighting dwarves in space; The Darwin Project, an esports Battle Royale type thing; Crackdown 3 featuring the lovely Terry Crews; The Last Night is a gorgeous looking Blade Runner inspired side-scroller? I think? The Artful Escape, a musical indie title; former Oculus exclusive Lucky’s Tale is coming to Xbox; Ashen, a survival game; Ori and the Will of the Wisps; Life is Strange gets the Before the Storm DLC and Dragonball Fighter Z.


Next up! Bethesda! Lots of DLC and updates here. We saw trailers for DOOM and Fallout in VR; the Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind DLC; the Elder Scrools Legends Heroes of Skyrim DLC; and The Dishonored Death of the Outsider DLC. Skyrim for Switch has motion controls; Quake Champions is getting a World Championships And Fallout 4 and Skyrim are getting paid mods called the Creation Club. Bethesda doesn’t learn, I guess. New games announced: The Evil Within 2, and Wolfenstein 2 – The New Colossus, which looks delightfully insane.


Ok next, The PC Gaming Show – here we got looks at XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, The Age of Empires, Definitive Edition, Mount and Blade 2, climbing, vaulting, and weather coming to Battlegrounds; Griftlands, from the maker of Don’t Starve; Total War: Warhammer 2 The Battle of the Fallen Gates, Tunic, a zelda-type game; Ooblets, a Harvest Moon type game, with DANCING; and Ylands, yet another low-poly survival game. Lawbreakers got an official release date, August 8th, and we got a look at the single player campaign for Battletech.


And lastly! Ubisoft had arguably the most interesting conference, wait a second, you’ll see why – we saw Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, The Crew 2, Transference, a trippy VR game with Elijah Wood; Starlink, which is Skylanders for adults; Skull and Bones, which is the ship gameplay from Assassin’s Creed made into a full game; South Park Phone Destroyer; Steep Road to the Olympics DLC; gameplay from Far Cry 5, and drumroll please – Beyond Good and Evil 2. It DOES exist, and the trailer looked amazing.


Also, Square Enix dropped a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3, but that’s neither here nor there.


HOO!! What a day for games. As I said in the beginning, Sources for all of today’s news stories and all the trailers I mentioned can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.


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