256GB Phones, NVIDIA Pascal News

Internal device storage has topped out at 128GB for quite some time now. Don’t you just wish that they would come out with larger capacities already? Well, that wish has just come true. Samsung has just announced 256GB NAND flash chips suitable for phones and tablets. Samsung is using the “universal flash storage 2.0” interface for these chips which means we could have read speeds of up to 850 megabytes per second and write speeds up to 260 megabytes per second. Those speeds are comparable to some SSDs that are out today. What do you guys think about larger internal storage? Will this be the death of SD card slots in phones? Leave a comment!

Oh you guys, always writing in the comments down below asking where is pascal? is pascal out yet? where the fuck is pascal?! Well guess what? Rumours are flying around saying that Nvidia might debut Pascal at GTC in April! WCCFtech reports that an actual working pascal GPU would be shown off during a keynote from Nvidia. And sweclockers is saying that we could see Pascal GPU’s pop up sometime in June. I guess we just have to wait until April 5th to find out more accurate details.

Being content creators, we sometimes forget to blur out sensitive information. And these mistakes can cost us a lot of time to fix, since we have to take down the video and then blur out the info then re-upload it… it’s a whole process. Well thank goodness youtube has introduced a new custom blurring tool. You can blurs things within the youtube interface. Back in 2012 youtube did have a face blurring tool, but now the new blurring tool works for anything. just draw a square on what you want blocked and the software will do it for you. The cool part is that the tool will track the object. if you need the blur to stay in place just click on “lock”. Youtube, you’re a timesaver!


Its time for snippy snippets!

A new launch trailer for the Hammer Storm update for Halo 5 is out and it looks like the Firefight mode is making its return.

Nintendo is scheduled for a Pokemon direct event tomorrow and rumours say that they’ll be announcing Pokemon sun and Pokemon moon. Jack’s gonna catch em all!

LG won’t be making a follow up to the Nexus 5x this year, since they want to focus on the G5 flagship.

For $1.99, you can get the Batmobile from batman vs superman for rocket league as DLC on march 8th. 

And Madcatz has announced a game controller for the Samsung S7 called… surf.R … looks pretty funky tho, not gonna lie