There are three new products from Linke that you can’t miss out! They could even make your life better!


Linke Slim Qi Wireless Charging Pad  

Wireless Charging, known as Wireless Power Transfer, is a technology that transfers the electrical energy from a power source to an electric device without the use of human-made conductors. On the other hand, wireless charging was a dreamlike technology a few years ago, now it really comes true on the market. Linke even pushed their Wireless charging pad with a good price. More importantly, their Slim Qi Charging Pad allows users to charge their phone by simply place the phone on the pad. That’s it! Therefore, most Android phones are applicative devices, such as Samsung S7 and LG G5.

It is a dreaming fashion product that you should try!

Linke Shine Series Power Bank 

Linke is a well-known brand that features great power banks with great prices. Now they launched the Shine series power bank. On the other hand, their new power bank continues to use their signature design: skinny and white. The main feature of the Shine series power bank is the LED lighting lamp on the top. With three different lighting method (normal, flash, and dark light), the new power bank always provides the best lighting for users in the different environment. Besides, with 7500 MAH, Shine Series power bank is the best choice for next travel.

Linke Shine Series Smartcharger 7500MAH External Battery Power Bank 5V/2.1A With LED Lighting Lamp - 133586_01.jpg

Linke Reversible USB Cable

USB cables are life necessaries today, but it also brings the inconvenience. However, I think many people always plug the USB cable wrong if you do not look at the USB port first. Besides, it also wastes time if you work in rush. Linke just launched a new type of reversible USB cables. It is impossible to plug it wrong because it technically does not have a “wrong” side. With a flexible port design, the reversible USB cable offers a faster way to connect the devices.  Overall, it is a great product to stop your one-way-only madness.

Linke USB 3.1 Type C ( USB-C ) Male to Reversible USB A Male Cable 10GB/3A - M/M - 6FT - White - 133618_2.jpg

All in all, we believe three Linke product above could make your life better. Also, they feature great prices! Click the links below to view more!

Linke Slim Qi Wireless Charging Pad: http://bit.ly/2e5KrnU

Linke Shine Series Power Bank: http://bit.ly/2ew669X

Linke Reversible USB Cable: http://bit.ly/2fLP1ux

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