$30 Gaming Keyboard & Mice? – Devastator II

The Devastator II keyboard is a full keyboard with a plastic chassis weighing at around 950 grams. The wrist-rest is plastic with angular designs but one downside is that there is a reflective plastic strip. With reflective plastic strips usually comes with the ability to get fingerprints. On the very top there are media control keys which are rare on cheap keyboards. This keyboard comes in either red, blue or white which depends on which model you buy. The illumination is not strong, but can be good for some users as it will be less of a distraction. For lighting, users need to turn it back on manually each time the PC boots because it does not have in-built memory. This keyboard is compatible with Cherry MX keycaps so you can switch it out with other keycaps.

Talking about keycaps, it has MEM-chemical switches. Although it has similar actuation distance, the feeling of pressing on it does not feel as satisfying as Cherry MXs. For acoustics, it performs fairly good. Overall, this is a decent keyboard for typing and for not serious gaming.

On to the mouse. The Devastator II mouse does not come with premium materials, but it is of good quality. The shape may seem to be sharp but it does not hurt or cause fatigue. Primary switches have CoolerMaster’s in-house switch which is ok. Side buttons are mushy so users need to press it a bit hard. The scroll wheel can be annoyance over time as it squeaks. Lighting is fairly moderate and this cheap mouse comes with DPI changing buttons. WOW!

Overall, this is a solid cheap combo from CoolerMaster.


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