3440 x 1440 monitors, GOG Early Access

The next gen monitor train rolls on, as both Samsung and AU Optronics, an offshoot of Acer, will be releasing impressive new ultrawide models. Both companies are developing 30 and 35 inch displays with color-accurate VA panels, 3440 by 1440 resolutions, and the kicker, a 144 hertz refresh rate – monitors at this resolution have been seen at 100 hz, but come on, guys. That’s peasant territory.

Steam Early Access has given many in-development games a fighting chance, but it has also given a lot of people aneurysms from frustration. GOG.com thinks they’ve found a better way, with their new Games in Development feature. The service will sell in-development games, but only ones that GOG finds worthy of their trust, so not just any ol minecraft copy will take your money and disappear into the wind. Not only that, but there’s a 14-day, no-questions-asked refund policy. GOG.com, doing game type stuff right, since… 1957. Yep.

And the CPU architect behind some of AMD’s famous designs has just been hired by Tesla! Jim Keller was last employed as the Chief Architect of Microprocessor Cores at AMD, but left in September last year, without telling anyone, either. They just found a post it at his desk. Well, now he’s going to be the Vice President of Autopilot Hardware Engineering at Tesla, presumably creating custom systems for the vehicles’ onboard computers. Right now, those are powered by ARM-based chips from Nvidia. But Jim’s from AMD! Oooohooo, man, they’re probably gonna… it’s gonna be bad, maan!!

Did someone say quick bits!?


According to a report in the Financial Times, Apple has assembled a “secret” team that working on augmented and virtual reality projects, as well as a potential VR headset. 

Apple is apparently also working on long-distance wireless charging technology, but don’t worry, they’ll find a way to make it proprietary. In case you were worried.

Blizzard and ESPN are launching the second annual Heroes of the Dorm contest in March, which could see the winners paying their college tuition with their winnings. Make sure you show this to all of your moms, now.

And LG is working on a universal payment card that can store credit and debit cards, if a leak out of Korea is to be believed. 

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