3D Xpoint Memory delayed?!

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Those of you eagerly awaiting the arrival of Intel’s new 3D Xpoint memory, well sorry, but here’s a bucket of cold water to splash on your hopes. The revolutionary new tech is being delayed significantly, with a potential launch now being placed in Q4 2018 or 2019. Intel originally said 3D Xpoint memory modules would be used in a future Xeon processor, which many assumed was part of the upcoming Skylake-EP line coming in the first half of 2017. But Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said in the company’s latest earnings call that that processor would be Skylake-EP’s successor, Cannonlake-EP. Now, this is referring to server products, not consumer-type stuff, so we can still hope that 3D Xpoint could show up in an SSD or something, although, that won’t actually do anything. Might make you feel a little better.

The Great DDoS Attack of 2016, which took down a bunch of major websites on Friday, was enabled by a botnet comprised of Internet of Things devices. Those devices can include any connected device, like routers, smart plugs, sensors, and webcams – and it turns out a lot of the webcams used in the attack were manufactured by one Chinese company, Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology. The company has now said it will recall some of its products in order to improve security. Friday’s incident has sparked a broad discussion about the safety and regulations behind the Internet of Things and what can be done to prevent these sort of attacks. Because guys, we shouldn’t be getting pushed around by webcams. We’re a lot bigger than them.

And sources have told Engadget that Google is still working on a standalone headset that would combine virtual and augmented reality capabilities. The sources also claim the new device will integrate eye tracking and sensor algorithms to map out the space around a user, much like Microsoft’s Hololens and the mysterious Magic Leap. However, Google’s headset apparently differs from those two in its focus on bringing the real world into VR, rather than showing holograms on top of the real world. It all sounds very fancy and utopian, until someone uses all of them to DDoS the Internet again, COME on, hackers! Do something useful with your time!

It’s time for! https://twitter.com/neggaro/status/771839012562690048

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Microsoft is having a big event on Wednesday, and one of the thing’s they’re potentially going to unveil is called the Surface Studio. That’s all we know. Might be a Surface All-in-One PC. Might be a funny funny joke. Pretty dry humor.

Leaker Evan Blass has uncovered Huawei’s upcoming flagship phones, the Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro, with a curved screen just like the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, which apparently justifies its price tag of 1300 bucks US, Yowza!

Speaking of phones, Samsung isn’t giving up on the Galaxy Note brand yet, as the company has referenced the Galaxy Note 8 in a press release about its phone upgrade program. I mean, we shouldn’t assume all future Galaxy Note phones would explode because the Note 7 did. That would be racist.

Android Pay is gonna work in more places, specifically, anywhere that also supports Visa Checkout and Masterpass.

And Pokemon Go still exists, and Niantic wants to remind you of that by having a half-hearted Halloween event! You’ll get double candy for in-game actions, and “spooky” pokemon will show up more often, like gastly, haunter, gengar, and zubat. Really. I feel like we don’t need any help with zubat.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the ncix forum post linked in the description.


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