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Amazon launched a ton of additions to their Echo lineup today, including – a revamped 100 dollar regular Echo; the new Echo Plus, which adds the ability to function as a smart home Hub; The Echo Spot, basically a tinier round version of the Echo Show; The Echo Button, a Bluetooth accessory that will let you play games with the Echo, and the Echo Connect, a 35 dollar box that adds voice calling functionality to your regular Echo. Amazon also announced a new Fire TV, which is now a 4K-capable Chromecast-style dongle. And that BMWs will start equipping their cars with Amazon Alexa next year. So, things seem to be looking preeeetty good for Amazon! Dat ecommerce money, tho… heh heh. BUT actually, it’s not all good news, because Google has pulled YouTube off of the Echo Show, because Amazon’s implementation violated their terms of service. They VIOLATED IT! You think about what you’ve done, Amazon.


The tech world was taken a bit by surprise when Atari, of all companies, announced they were making a new console. Well we’ve gotten some more details about the mysterious gadget. The Ataribox will be powered by an AMD processor and integrated Radeon GPU, running a custom Linux operating system, so it can be used for games or a full PC experience. The console will have a plethora of classitc Atari titles preloaded, as well as select current-gen games, and will be (hopefully) funded on Indiegogo, shipping in spring 2018 for around 250 bucks US. There are just… so many things about this that seem sketchy, so… I would not necessarily recommend funding this, but hey, the console itself looks really cool. So… maybe you should? Seems sketchy, looks cool, I dono.


And even though things are a liiiittle tense, politically, right now, the US and Russia will be collaborating on a hot new makeup tutorial. ER, Moon base. I meant moon base. Although those two do seem almost as unexpected as each other. NASA and Russia’s space agency, Roscosmos, have made joint statements laying out plans to build a space station orbiting the moon called the Deep Space Gateway starting in the 2020s. And there is nooo way that this could lead to a outlandish sci-fi situation with factions battling on the moon. No. I don’t think so.


It’s time for QUICK BITS!

What is reportedly a leaked roadmap points to AMD releasing the successors to Ryzen, codenamed Pinnacle Ridge in 2018 and Matisse in 2019, both on the AM4 motherboard socket. Wow! That’ll maybe teach Intel a thing or two about disabling compatibility for Kaby Lake on Z370. Or it won’t. We’ll see.

Microsoft has reportedly accidentally leaked the specs and release date for the Surface Pro LTE, scheduled to launch on December 1st. The device will only come in Core i5 variants, no i7s. Scandalous.

The one thing that everyone wishes existed is a physically bigger Google Home, so good news, a Google Home MAX is apparently on the way, can’t wait to push everything else off my coffee table to make room for this thing. It’s way better.

Hey if you needed another reason to not use Internet Explorer, here ya go, a bug in the latest version of the web browser lets any website you visit see whatever you type in the search bar. Cool. Thanks, Microsoft!

Twitter’s currently testing expanding its 140-character limit to 280 with select users, but you can use a fancy workaround to get it now. Will this make enormous twitter threads less, or more annoying, you think? I dono, I’m for it. If only because I want to show off my “excellent” vocabulary.

And Intel is the latest company to debut a chip that they say mimics the human brain, and it will help accelerate neuromorphic computing, because the sooner we can make self-aware robots, the sooner we can grapple harder with the fundamentally overwhelming enigma of our existence. Can’t wait.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.


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