Mionix Naos QG – Body Monitor Added?

The Mionix Naos QG starts at $139 USD. It comes in matte gray instead of black reducing seeable oil stains. The major differences between this and the older model are that the mouse sensor is upgraded to the Pixar 3360. The two sensors check your heart rate and your excitement level. Checking my excitement level, so exciting.

Let’s talk about the heart sensor. This sensor shines a green light because our blood absorbs green light. How it checks your BPM is by checking the change in green light absorption. This is not a medical grade BPM checker as its readings can be inconsistent at times. It can take quite some time when using your palm however, it is usually much faster when touching the wrist. Those with large hands are going to be disappointed. As those hands arc that palm way above the sensor, what is the sensor going to check? Obviously, it’s going to check the barometric pressure. Nope, just kidding, it’s not going to detect anything which defeats the main purpose of this mouse.

The Mionix Naos QG also has a GSR (Galvanic Skin Response Sensor), which can detect if the user is excited. It is somewhat of a gimmick as you don’t really need a sensor to know that you are excited. You better know yourself. The only logical reason is for gaming streamers or Youtubers to show if they’re truly excited.

Mionix Naos QG

For all the clicks, BPM, speed the mouse has detected, they are all logged within the Mionix Hub which is in BETA. Although it is in beta, the software does a good job of showing all of the information logged.


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