72-Layer Flash Memory

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How do you like your NAND flash? I like mine with extra layers. So does SK Hynix, apparently. The mega memory maker announced today they’ve developed the first 256 Gigabit TLC 3D NAND flash chip with 72 layers, allowing up to 32GB of storage on a single chip. Samsung and Toshiba have been producing 64-layer 3D NAND for a while, but SK Hynix just leapfrogged em, moving from 48 to 72 RIGHT away. In addition to the increased capacity, the new chips also read and write 20 percent faster than their predecessors. It makes ya wonder, do we even need 3D Xpoint? Ha. Well I dono, cuz neither of these are released yet so.


AMD has done something it only does once in a blue moon; acquired another company. Team Red announced they’ve bought Nitero Wireless VR, a company that specializes in producing 60 GHz wireless transceivers, which are very useful for – you guessed it – wireless VR. You’re a smart cookie, that one was hard. AMD has brought the Nitero engineering team on as part of the acquisition, but the company says they’re not looking to make their own wireless headset; they just want to foster development of devices like that in the market.


And some pipin’ hot, poppin’ fresh rumors about Intel’s… rumored..X299 platform…are here. Good ol’ sketchy leak site Benchlife.info claims that Intel has moved up the launch of the platform, codenamed Basin Falls, from August to June. The X299 platform will reportedly use the LGA 2066 socket, and will accommodate both the Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X series of CPUs. Benchlife’s sources claim the launch date adjustment was made in reaction to reports of AMD’s own high-end desktop platform, X399. And we’ve gone over how that naming scheme is kind of silly before here, but… I think it bears repeating. It is silly.


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For those of you worried about Google using your data to train world-ending AI, don’t worry, because Google is still doing that, but it can also do it locally on your phone instead of sending your data to the cloud where it can be hacked and ogled and who knows what else. You’ve gotta be using the Gboard app, though. So.

Those crazy Japanese scientists, they’ve gone and launched a plan to drill through the ocean to reach Earth’s mantle. When I read this, I thought they’d be drilling down themselves in like a ship, but really they’re just sending down a long drill from a boat. Looks like the boat has a helipad, though. So that’s cool.

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan said in his reddit AMA that porting the game to the Nintendo Switch would be very challenging, but he’s open-minded about it. And that’s good! But it’s probably not happening.

What is happening in Overwatch is a brand new player vs. environment mode called Overwatch Insurrection! The French version of the trailer was leaked today, teasing the event’s launch tomorrow, April 11th. So buy the time most of you have seen this, it will probably already be up, so go play it, because it’s got more limited time skins and whatnot only available until the 1st.

And Cadillac has announced its answer to Tesla’s semi-autonomous driving tech, called Super Cruise, will be featured in the 2018 CT6 sedan when it launches this fall. It’ll let you drive hands-free on the highway, but it will flash lights at you if you look away, so is it worth it? Should probably just go with a Corolla or something. Does the job.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.


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