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The huge annual tech show, IFA 2017, kicked off today with a bunch of product announcements from Acer and ASUS. Acer announced and updated number of mobile PCs with 8th-gen Kaby Lake-R processors, including the super lightweight Swift 5 laptop, the convertible Spin 5, the Surface-like Switch 7 with discrete Nvidia graphics, and the fanless Aspire S24 all-in-one. Some of those PCs come with Acer’s LiquidLoop cooling technology, using the heat from the processor to move coolant around the system, rather than using extra energy to power a pump. Acer also added to its Predator gaming line, with the Galea 500 gaming headset, the Cestus 500 gaming mouse, which lets you adjust click resistance on the fly, and the Orion 9 thousand desktop, configurable with Intel’s Core-X series processors and up to 4 GPUs, plus it’s got wheels. Bet your desktop doesn’t have wheels. Acer also talked about the already-announced Predator X35, the 35-inch curved G-Sync HDR monitor that’s coming early next year.


Next up, ASUS unveiled some snazzy tech as well. The Zenbook Flip 14 is apparently the world’s thinnest 2-in-1 with discrete graphics, although it’s a Nvidia MX150, so you probably wouldn’t be doing much gaming on this thing. There’s also a 15-inch variant, the Flip 15. ASUS also took the wraps off their Windows Mixed Reality Headset, with a cool-looking polygonal design pretty much the same specs as the other MR headsets announced by Dell and HP – 1440p eye panels, 90Hz refresh rate, and two external cameras. It’s also bundled with Microsoft’s Oculus Touch-like VR controllers. The only thing is, the price has been announced as 449 Euros, which seems a little steep, but they haven’t announced the North American price yet. And finally, the ROG Chimera, a 17.3-inch gaming laptop with a world first 144Hz display.


The rest of today’s stories are all a littler smaller, so it’s an extended Quick bits!

Logitech unveiled a trio of gaming peripherals – the Logitech G603 wireless gaming mouse, the G613 wireless mechanical gaming keyboard with Romer-G switches, not many of those out there, so that’s exciting, and the G840, a giant mouse pad to put them both on.

A user called “KDtree” on the Chiphell forums has reportedly flashed the BIOS for the RX Vega 64 GPU to the newly-available RX Vega 56, which boosted performance almost up to Vega 64 levels, although, obviously, this will void the warranty.

Microsoft and Amazon are working together to allow their AI assistants, Cortana and Alexa, to also work together. Soon you’ll be able to say Hey Cortana, open Alexa” or vice versa, which will be super handy if you manage to offend one of them and you’re not on speaking terms anymore.

Speaking of assistants, Google Assistant will be available in three new smart speakers soon: The Panasonic GA10, the MobVoi TicHome Mini, and the Anker Zolo Mojo. It sounded like I just spoke in tongues for a second.

Some Essential PH-1 customers received official emails from the new phone company asking for a copy of their driver’s license, and when some users replied, the email went out to everyone who received the initial email. Maybe.. Should’ve just got a Note 8 or something. I hear these ones DON’T explode. Or steal your license.

In ‘this shouldn’t be that surprising’ news, a study funded by ISPs found that 98.5% of unique, as in not generated by spam-bots, comments on the FCC’s proposal to repeal net neutrality rules oppose the repeal, as in, they want to keep the rules. So.. should probably keep them, but ya know, what do I know. ‘Democracy’.

Also unsurprisingly, Bethesda’s “Creation Club” paid mod service for Fallout 4 has gone live, and has immediately gotten trashed by the community, primarily because the service is selling mods that are already available for free.

And the Zeiss VR One Connect will allow you to hook up your smartphone in a mobile VR headset to your PC, to play SteamVR games, with a pair of bluetooth controllers available as well. Room-scale is not available, but sit down or standing experiences are. This may be a prime example of the old adage, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.


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