Ready for 200Hz Gaming? – Acer Predator Z35

The Z35 is cheaper than its older brother the Predator X34. This regular looking monitor has a standard refresh rate of 144hz but users can overclock it 200 freaking hertz. It also has G-Sync built within it and an A-MVA panel as its screen. It has a slight curve and the screen is 21:9 with a 2560 by 1080 resolution. Although in Windows it says that it can go up to 144Hz, users can alter it on the onboard Acer software built into the monitor. Even with this high refresh rate, gamers must remember that they need a crazy GPU setup to achieve this.

For the monitor aesthetics, it feels like Acer went overboard with designing it. On the back, there is a big logo and huge vents which seem somewhat too bold. One problem for really tall people is that I can only rotate up 35 degrees. The base is extremely rock steady so that you don’t need to worry that the bulky screen will tip over. Another complication is that the curve can cause visual artifacts which are a no-no in most gamers’ minds. At the bottom are LED lights. They can tell gamers whether or not G-Sync is on. At the back is a slew of IO ports, four USB 3.0 ports and one USB upstream port. Also at the bottom is one HDMI 1.4 port, one Displayport, audio output and power input.

Within the OSD, there is a simple and a full menu. You can change ambiance, turn off blue-light and the best part is overclocking to 200hz. One thing to note is that users require a display port wire as HDMI can not handle this high of a refresh rate. Gaming on this monitor is extremely satisfying.

Overall, this screen is fantastic and users, do not forget you need a beefy GPU system.


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