Adidas miCoach Fit Smart – Summer Bod Time!

The Adidas miCoach Fit Smart starts at $149 USD. It is a bit bulky but comes with a decent battery. This weighs 50 grams and it is sweat-proof and water resistant. There are two color variants, matte black or snow white. The body is made of soft silicone that is gentle on the skin and distributes the heat. The display is a 17 by 11 grid matrix built into the strap its self. For controlling this, it has two buttons and the home/main button at the bottom. Over a short period, dust settling on it will be noticeable and will begin to lose its coating. The strap and clasp are extremely sturdy so whenever you run, you don’t need to be afraid of the miCoach flying away.

Brightness in daylight is great so you do not need to be squinting to look at it. A small problem is that you need to manually turn it on to see the time. You can scroll through many options like heart rate, pairing, calories burned and so on. The fit watch can help people time their workouts and their sets. There is a LED strip on the left side that helps to indicate your heart rate or the intensity of the workout.

Connecting this fit watch requires Bluetooth 4.0 and the Adidas Fit app. The app is simplistic and clean. It has tutorials how to use this to the max. It has enough memory to record up to ten workouts. After that limit, if it is not synced, it will alert you to transfer that data. Battery lasts a long time even with extensive use.

Overall, the miCoach is a really good fit watch especially outdoors. Time for Summer Bod!


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