Last year we covered a google engineers crusade to uncover shoddy USB type C cables through amazon reviews. Now it seems like Benson Leung has gained a new ally in this fight against crappy cables and it’s Amazon themselves. Amazon has added a new line in its policy  for restricted products. And now it includes “USB Type-C cable or adapter product that is not compliant with standard specifications issued by “USB Implementers Forum Inc.” So now we can all rest a little bit more easy when shopping for type C cables on Amazon.

Speaking of Amazon, remember their dash buttons that came out last year? You know the button you press to reorder stuff like paper towels or gatorade? In celebration of their one year anniversary, Amazon has decided to expand the products from 28 brands to a total of 106! That’s 78 new buttons. So of the new brands include Brita, Doritos, Lysol, Purina, Redbull and a whole lot more. These dash buttons are certainly going to make getting groceries a whole lot easier.

Acer has unveiled a new projector that’s geared towards gamers. It’s the brand new acer predator Z580. Acer claims its the first ultra wide HD laser projector designed for gaming. It has a brightness of up to 3000 lumens and a 100 000 to 1 contrast ratio. The resolution is 1920 x 720, so a 24 by 9 ratio. It can project up to a 120 inch screen from less than 18.5 inches away. Whoa whoa whoa, put your wallets away, the Predator Z580 is $5000.


Time for snippy snippets.

Square Enix might be bringing Final Fantasy 15 to PC sometime after the console versions are launched

MSI got an early start for April fools today and launched their new fake modular motherboard, ‘The One’.

Phil spencer mentioned at Build 2016 that Halo 5 may not be coming to the PC.

Seagate launched their new innov8 8 tb external hard drive priced at $350 which will be out in April.

UC Irvine will be the first public, state-run school to officially support esports with a League of Legends Scholarship.

And the Tesla Model 3 will be unveiled tonight during a live event at 8:30PM pacific.