Amazon Takes on YouTube

The amazon prime video service has just upped the game. Not only are they offering movies, tv shows and original content, but now they are opening up the platform for content creators by launching Video Direct. Starting today, Amazon Video Direct lets video makers around the globe share their work, kind of like Youtube. And just like youtube, amazon is offering royalty payments based on how often a video gets streamed. Creators can also choose whether or not their content is free with ads, available for a one time pruchase, or whether its only available to Prime video members. But the cherry on top is that the top 100 videos each month get an extra bonus from a one million dollar “AVD Stars” Fund. Clearly this move from Amazon is to directly compete with youtube. What do you guys think? Will Amazon do a good enough job to make its video direct service rival youtube? Leave a comment.


Remember the Universal Windows Platform? It was idea that would allow for an app to run across all your devices. Remember when we found out that there was a framerate lock for some of the games like Gears of War, Quantum Break, and Rise of the tomb raider? Well on their blog, Microsoft has announced that they have heard all the concern and are now working on it Later today, windows 10 will be updated with new features. First being that for Universal Windows Platform games and apps, they will have unlocked frame rates. The second feature announced, is that there will be support for free sync and g sync for universal windows platform games and apps. The update will be rolling out today for all machines but if you cant wait, you can start the download now by check the sources down below.


Speaking of games on Windows, Final Fantasy 10 and final fantasy 10-2 are coming this thursday May 12.  This is according to the retail listing for both titles on Steam. This is the first time both games debut on PC. The games come with dual japanese and english voice options along with other things like auto save and a no-encounter mode. The 2 games will be bundled as a HD remaster. Wait, this thursday? I should have enough time to clear 40gb on my ssd.


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A tweet from Razer’s CEO Min Liang Tan saying that they are looking for a product developer for mobile may suggest that Razer might be looking into making their own smartphone or tablet.


The next pokemon sun and pokemon moon will drop november 18.


Leaked pictures of what looks to be the Oneplus 3 suggests that the phone could have a curved metal backing. Also who picks Crayon Shin Chan as a phone case.


Both RBC and CIBC, two canadian banks now support Apple Pay. too bad i don’t own any apple devices.


WD will officially own Sandisk this Thursday. after paying 19 billion dollars for the company.


And congrats to our friends at MSI for being the first system maker to be VR certified by both Intel and HTC


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX forum post linked in the description.



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