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AMD held their New Horizon live stream in Austin Texas to reveal more details about the tech company’s next gen of CPUs officially called Ryzen. Specs for the highest end Ryzen chipped are as follows. It will have 8 cores with 16 threads, it runs a base clock of 3.4GHz. Thew cores will have 20MB of L2 and L3 cache, and the whole thing will run on the AM4 platform at 95-watt TDP. The new chips will offer 5 features under the AMD’s SenseMI technology. Those features include neural net prediction, smart prefetch, pure power, precision boost and extended frequency range. AMD also had a few demos to run during the live stream starting off with a render demo of Blender against an intel i7 6900K. In this demo, the Ryzen chip was able to match the performance of the intel chip. Up next was a hand brake demo where Ryzen finished 5 seconds faster than intel. AMD also showed off some VR content, gaming at 4K on battlefield one on the titan X, some 3d modeling in ZBrush and even gaming while streaming on a Ryzen system at the same time. But before the stream was over, AMD CEO Lisa SU gave the audience a sneak peak at a Ryzen system running with a Vega card playing the new Battlefront DLC Rogue One at 4K. All these juicy details but still no word on pricing. Oh well. The Ryzen chips are on track to launch Q1 of 2017.

Looks like Alphabet is pumping the brakes on its self-driving cars. Those cute koala looking cars with no pedals or steering wheel is being put on the back burner for now. But isn’t that self-driving tech going to go to waste?  No, apparently not. Google announced today a new company called Waymo. Waymo is focused less on building self-driving cars and more focused on the software for self-driving cars.  Waymo plans to partner up with existing automakers to bring its self-driving tech to cars that have actual steering wheels. The decision to ditch building actual cars without pedal sor steering wheels came straight from both the CEO, Larry Page, and CFO Ruth Parat, since they determined that the idea was impractical. But I think it’s safe to say that whether or not Google wants to build actual cars or not, autonomous driverless cars just got …Waymo interesting!

That’s not the only Google news we have today. Remember Google brillo? It was the android based internet of things initiative? Well today Google has announced that Brillo will now be known as Android Things and they’re also dropping a developer preview. The dev preview is offering turn key support for the Intel Edison, NXP Pico and the Raspberry Pi 3. Android Things joins the Android family of Android TV, Android Auto and Android wear. With this announcement today, Android Things will be coming out of its closed invite program and we should soon see a public source code release. If you are interested, you can download the dev preview now.

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A new teaser from Faraday Future may be teasing their new vehicles performance against a Bentley, Ferrari AND a tesla. I mean its kind of hard to believe they did actual testing. Yo Faraday, hit me up, I’ll drive those cars for you .. to you know.. Double check your results.

Synaptics unveiled the industry’s first optical fingerprint scanner for smartphones and tablets today. This sensor, the FS9100, has the ability to work through 1mm cover glass.

Neil Young’s fancy portable Pono music player will be launching an adaptive bitrate streaming service. Wait, the Pono is still kicking around?

The Overwatch new seasonal event Winter Wonderland is out now. So like. Update your consoles and PC’s people. That nutcracker Zenyatta skin isn’t going to unbox itself.

Corsair announced their first NVMe SSD, the Force Series MP500.

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