AMD Vega GPU details

So as you all know, we went to PAX West a few weeks ago, and now, all our videos are out. If you want to know the winners of all our PAX giveaways, make sure you tune in to this friday’s Netlinked, because we’ll be announcing the winners there. To celebrate, we released a bonus video on our second channel, NCIXtv, showing Barret getting into some hijinks on the show floor. Maybe open that in a new tab, and then come back here, because we’ve got to do some tech news., usually a pretty solid source of these kind of leaks, have gotten their hold on information about AMD’s upcoming high-end Vega GPUs. Vega 10 will be based on the 14nm process, with 64 Compute Units and 16GB of HBM2 memory. Vega 20, on the other hand, will use the 7nm process, also with 64 Compute units but with 32GB of HBM2, for a memory bandwidth of 1 terabyte per second, sweet petunia grace. Videocardz’ source says Vega is supposed to arrive in the first quarter of 2017, while its successor, Navi, is apparently being pushed to 2019. Now. As always, sprinkle some salt on this, maybe some pepper to taste, but not sugar, because 32GB of VRAM is sweet enough already. hheeeh. but I guess we’ll see soon enough whether this info has any merit.


Apple officially launched their newest desktop OS, macOS Sierra. It’s the first official release of macOS, yes, OS 10 is no more. The biggest change Sierra brings is Siri integration – she can be accessed via voice control to play music, call you an Uber, and even read your email to you. Any app that supports multiple windows can also have tabs, and Apple Pay support means you can validate online purchases from your Mac using your iPhone. Apple Watch users can now automatically unlock their computers just by being close, and Photos’ new facial recognition capabilities makes it more like Google Photos. Yeah, I said it. All this stuff is pretty cool, as well it should be if you’ve undergone the questionable practice of locking yourself into Apple’s ecosystem.


And images of Google’s upcoming Pixel phones, which are meant to replace the Nexus line, have apparently leaked online. Someone spotted a potential contender, strangely, during a Nest ad played in the Netherlands. Eh, but that could have been any stand-in phone. However, Android Police then got their hands on images that look remarkably like that phone, which also look like the leaks that we saw in previous months, complete with the fingerprint reader on the back. Google has sent out official invites, as well as a TV ad for an even they’re holding October 4th, so we’ll see if we’re vindicated once the truth comes to light.


It’s time for!

Ah – you know why it’s not working, is cuz you… got the disc in upside down. Flip it over, that should help.

Send us a clip of yourself saying Quick bits to get featured!


Of all the people to launch a new wireless service, you know who I would like? Comcast. They’ve just nailed this whole dependable company thing. Yeah. Let’s get them on it.

The Opera browser’s built-in VPN is now live for the public, so get out there and download it, so you can come back, and hide.

Sandisk has unveiled what’s apparently the world’s first 1TB SD card, but it’s a protototype for now, so no word on when you can actually buy the thing.

And Microsoft has released what could be its last Nokia phone. The Nokia 216 is a feature phone, with some pretty cool features to boot, but I think we all know the true test of its worthiness will be whether it survives a nuclear blast. So we’ll have to wait for that to happen, I guess.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the ncix forum post linked in the description.


Happy Birthday, James! I hope it is a merry one, full of laughter, and dancing. Unless you’re not the dancing type, it’s just not your scene, I totally get it, I also hate dancing, I’m with you. Psh. screw that!

Hasselblad has shown of their V1D modular concept camera, taking a page from Project Ara, except Project Ara is dead now, so… ooh, doesn’t bode well for you, Hasselblad. What a name.


Now here’s an intriguing freebie. Nvidia and Microsoft have teamed up to include a Gears of War 4 PC game code with the purchase of Geforce GTX 1080s, 1070s, and 1080 and 1070-powered notebooks. Plus, Gears of War 4 is an Xbox Play Anywhere Title, so you also get the game for Xbox, if that is something… that you care about. Click HERE for all the details, THIS guy’s got a buzzsaw gun, that’s cool.
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