AMD XConnect, YouTube Gaming App

There was a driver update issued by AMD last night and it brought support for Xconnect technology. Basically Xconnect is AMD’s name for running external video cards via thunderbolt 3. Xconnect also  allows for the feed to go to a laptop’s internal display or to an external monitor that’s hooked up to the external graphics card. If you want to be able to run the external graphics standard, or eGFX for short, there are certain requirements. Vendors are required to implement certain extensions into their BIOS, v.16 of the thunderbolt firmware, windows 10 and an active thunderbolt cable, not a passive one. Oh right and you need a compatible GPU as well. Those include the r9 fury, r9 nano, r9 300 series, r9 290, r290x, r280, and future polaris GPUs as well. Quite an exciting time for laptop gamers wouldnt you say?. What do you guys think of Xconnect? Do you hope to see something from team green? Leave a comment.

The Youtube gaming mobile app was launched in the US and UK last year. And during that time Youtube did promise that more countries would be seeing the app soon. Today is that day. The mobile app is now live in Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand for both iOS and Android. But the app’s expanded availability isn’t the only news. For android users, its now possible to pop out the player so that’s it’s visible over other apps. Support for 60fps playback has been added, something that the iOS app and desktop versions already have.

And the old rumour mill is spinning again. This time it’s about HTC. Apparently HTC and Google has inked a deal where we will see HTC producing Nexus devices for the next 3 years. We already heard reports that LG would not be making a device for Google this year, so this rumour seems to on the right track as fact. But like any rumours we talk about on this show, take it with a grain of salt.


Its time for Snippy Snippets!

Speaking of HTC, EVleaks posted renders of the new HTC 10 in its four different colours.

Gears of War 4’s single player campaign will be running at 30FPS, but the multiplayer will run at 60FPS… why not both tho?

Apple has started to hand out invites to their March 21st event. Everyone is expecting to see new iphones, ipads and apple watch bands

Hacking group failoverflow has released tools and directions on how to run Linux on your ps4.

And finally, Zotac has released it most powerful mini pc. The Magnus en980, complete with a skylake core i5 and a GTX 980 and usb type c.