AMD ZEN air-cooled to 5GHz

HEY GUYS! So, as you may have heard, the team here is heading to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. As such, there won’t be any Netlinked episodes that week, because we’re gonna be pretty swamped making videos about all the tech that’s THERE, so we’ll have more in-depth content hopefully being uploaded pretty quick, anyways, so it’s sort of the same, but different. Oh, and also in today’s episode we’re announcing the Fans with Benefits winner for December, because we won’t have any Netlinked until Jan. 9th, so we figured we’d do it early. So stay tuned til the end of the video, for that. Right then! Shall we?

Earlier this week we reported on an overclocker getting an early Kaby Lake sample to 7 GHz using liquid nitrogen cooling – well, looks like AMD’s Zen might not be an overclocking slouch either. French PC magazine Canard PC ran a story this month about Kaby Lake and Zen, but included a long binary string above the article. Some intrepid Internet users deciphered the code, and turns out it reads “ZenOC@Air=5G”, presumably meaning that Zen chips can overclock to 5GHz using air cooling. Now after the mystery had stewed on reddit and other forums for a bit, Canard PC explained the easter egg, saying that their source for the benchmarks did indeed sustain 5GHz on an early Zen sample running a single core, using a very large air-cooled heatsink. Now, of course, neither the Kaby Lake 7GHz story or this one accurately reflects what normal people would be able to achieve for a stable, all-cores-enabled overclock, but, Canard PC is a legit publication, so it’s interesting to see the potential that’s there at the very least. Regardless, we should get all the details on Kaby Lake AND Zen very soon. Like.. a few days soon. So be patient already! Psh. Millennials.


Aaand… actually this is embarrassing, but there weren’t a ton of other really big stories today, just a looot of little ones. Everyone’s saving up for CES, so in the meantime, time for a not so quick, quick bits.

Laptop Media spotted an unannounced inch ASUS laptop, the ROG GX501, after it won a Taiwan Excellence Award, but what’s more interesting is its specs – it’s apparently running a GTX 1080 while keeping its thinness at 16.5 millimeters! Brains and looks, that’s what we all want, folks.

LG spilled the beans on a bunch of their CES products already – one of them is the Hub Robot, which is apparently similar to an Amazon Echo, but it will.. Roll around. “Want me to search the web for something?” “Not right now” “K. let me know!”

Digitimes reports that Taiwanese company Pegatron Technology is working on Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5, and the device is supposed to launch in Q1 2017. But they just launched the Surface Studio (smirk)… so..

Samsung is gearing up to show off the CH711, a 27 or 31.5-inch 1440p monitor with a curvature of 1800R. Is that necessary though? I mean I get curved ultra wides, but regular 16 by 9? I dono, lemme know what you think, send me a letter. By Post.

RFID and Bluetooth trackers are cool, but keeping track of your keys via Hololens is cooler, or so Microsoft thinks, according to a patent describing how your Hololens would remind you where you last saw your stuff. But what if you lose your Hololens? Eh? Better hire me, Microsoft, I think of this stuff.

This looks like something out of a science fiction movie, but it’s real, it’s called the Method 1, and it’s made by South Korean company Hankook Mirae Technology, and it’s 13 feet tall and 1 and a half tons, and it could be good for… anything you’d need a giant robot for. Disaster relief. Fighting aliens. Whatever you get up to on a given weekend.

Superbook, the laptop dock thing for your smartphone, was supposed to launch this week and didn’t, and that’s Kickstarter for you. Breaking everyone’s collective trust.

And Thermaltake has announced an RGB power supply, the Toughpower Grand RGB. RGB LEDs have gone far enough, and they need to be stopped. Being added to every product is starting to go to their head.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX forum post linked in the description.


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