AMD Zen CPU Wants to Challenge Intel’s Best

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) finally showed the public their new generation processor: AMD Zen. Intel‘s only competitor in the market did not give up.  The new Zen processors are positioned to challenge Intel’s higher end CPUs such as consumer level Core i7s and server-grade Xeons.


Over the years, AMD did not play well enough to be Intel’s rival. AMD FX series CPU lost badly in the battle against Intel Core i3/5/7. The APU did help AMD pull back some of the market in the lower end. However, we have not seen a real high-end processor for ages. AMD Zen could be the biggest comeback for the company.

The new consumer level AMD Zen code named Summit Ridge will pack  8 cores with 16 threads. This model is set to fight Intel’s Core i7 at high-end consumer level. Summit Ridge is expected to hit the market by Q1 2017. Moreover, to prove this time AMD did not screw up, a sample benchmark station was set up on Wednesday. The demonstration showed that the Zen is as powerful as Core i7 8-core processors.

The server grade AMD Zen code named Naples comes in monstrous 32 cores with 64 threads. There is no confirmed launch date yet from AMD, but we could expect it in Q2 2017.

“I told you the best is yet to come,” said AMD CEO Lisa Su. “The next 12 months will be even more exciting.”

Why this matters:

No one likes monopoly. Competition is critical in all business/industry to ensure the overall economical wellness. Intel’s position in the CPU market is so dominant, that if AMD cannot do something to counter, it will eventually become a monopoly of Intel.

In the past 20 years, AMD had a few successful comebacks. K6 series in the late 90s and K10 series during 2007-2010 were excellent products. Even though they cannot beat Intel to take the bigger share, at least the competition made room for AMD to survive and grow.

I really want to see another great comeback from AMD because, for the past 6 years, Intel did not make their processors affordable. Lack of alternative option has given Intel exclusive power to price their CPUs at a higher price range. It does not only hurt AMD, but also a tragedy for the consumers as well.



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