AMD’s Fury X2, Nvidia’s VR headset

The Virtual Reality LA Winter Expo happened on Saturday, it’s apparently the world’s largest VR expo, so… you should have known that already. All the heavy hitters had something to show off. AMD apparently had a number of gaming PCs running their unreleased dual-GPU card, codenamed Gemini, or the Fury X2, we don’t know, but it was being used to power some cool HTC Vive experiences.


Nvidia was also there with something perhaps a little more interesting – a VR headset of their own. It’s a prototype that uses light-field technology, which uses multiple layers of LCDs to allow its users to focus on objects in VR naturally, just like they would in the real world. This effect not only increases immersion, but reduces motion sickness, so people like Jack could actually use VR headsets without getting sick, and subsequently angry, because he wants to join the Matrix like everyone else.


Speaking of VR doohickeys, the developer behind Payday 2, Starbreeze Studios, is going to open a virtual reality arcade in Los Angeles at some point this spring or summer. The studio has its own headset, the StarVR headset, which it developed following its acquisition of VR company InfinitEye. The headset has a 210 degree field of view with a 5120 by 1440 resolution. The arcade will focus on providing a premium VR experience, unlike those other peasants with their pitiful 600 dollar Oculus Rifts.


And Spotify will reportedly launch its video streaming service this week. The music streaming company has worked with a number of networks, including the BBC, Comedy Central, ABC, and ESPN, to develop content for the service, which will launch first on Android, followed by iOS eventally. It’ll be available in the US, the UK, Germany, and Sweden initially, with more countries getting in later. We don’t really know how the service will work, or why it’s happening, but no doubt Android users will find out soon enough. Take that, iPhones.


ASrock has followed MSI’s lead and released a BIOS update that fixes the Intel Skylake bug that you probably would’ve never run into anyways, but if you use the Prime95 program, good news for you.



Silverstone is releasing their remote power switch for PCs next week, in the form of a PCIe card that connects to a remote, so you no longer have to reach aaaaall the way down to hit the actual switch GAH, so annoying.


The spiritual successor to Megaman, Mighty No. 9, has been delayed for the third time, with its release moved from Feb. 9th to sometime this Spring, but megaman nostalgia levels are running dangerously low. I don’t know if they’re gonna make it.


Numerous rumors and leaks have painted a picture of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5SE as a device with the body of the 5S, but the innards of the 6S, and the tail of a scorpion. Ok not really. But that would be cool.


Blue Origin has figuratively slapped SpaceX in the face again by landing the same rocket that it already landed, but they’re not even trying the whole sea barge thing, so I’m team Elon all the way.


And if you missed out on the Overwatch closed beta, there’s another one coming in February, so hopefully you can get in this time. If not, there’ll be another one. And another one. If you loyal.