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Rumors are flying about a number of new Xbox devices today, thanks to a couple of anonymous reports. Kotaku says their sources claim a more powerful Xbox console will launch in 2017, codenamed Project Scorpio. This unit would have an upgraded GPU capable of supporting 4K and the Oculus Rift. Meanwhile, a smaller, cheaper Xbox One with an upgraded 2TB hard drive aka the Xbox One Slim, would launch this year.


Now, OTHER sources apparently told the Thurott Report that Microsoft would be launching two media-focused Xbox devices this year. The smaller one would be a streaming stick like the Chromecast, while the larger one would be a lightweight console that could play some Windows Store games, thanks to Microsoft’s Universal Windows Apps initiative. Now there’s no way to know whether some or all of these rumors are legit until Microsoft lifts the veil at E3 in June, but I think we should still lock up our Mountain Dew and Doritos, because the Xboxes are coming hard and fast.


A while back we reported on the Wooting One Analog Mechanical Keyboard – that project has now launched on Kickstarter, and surpassed its goal pretty much immediately. Unlike regular mechanical keyboards, the Wooting One can tell how far down you’re pressing a key, meaning you can control the speed of your movements and actions in game. The Wooting has a red linear switch and a blue clicky switch, and can also be customized with different top plates. It achieves the analog trickery partially by its ability to be recognized by the PC as either a regular keyboard, a Direct Input Gamepad, or an Xbox controller. We’ll see if we can get our hands on this to test the Wooting’s claims. I can’t wait to walk at whatever speed I want in games. Very exciting.


And Cryorig, known primarily for CPU cooling, have announced a pair of mITX cases. The Ola is clearly inspired by Apple’s Mac Pro, and features a cylindrical design with a 140mm fan at the top. It supports regular mini ITX mother boards and full size graphics cards, so this might be the first fully-upgradeable trash can case we’ve seen. Cyorig’s other case is the Taku, a slim case with wooden legs that also supports mITX boards and graphics cards up to 250mm. We should get a closer look at both cases at Computex next week. Word has it there’s gonna be LOTS of computers there, so.


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More Microsoft news! The company is shutting down its internal phone hardware division, laying off 1850 workers and pretty much killing hopes of a Surface phone. We’ll still get Windows 10 phones from other companies though, in case anyone cares about that. Ive give Windows Phones respect ever since my Lumia 710…just cause…

Xiaomi followed through with its teases and released the Mi Drone, complete with a wide angle camera that comes in a 1080p and 4K 30fps model, but the killer feature is the price, starting at 380 bucks US.

HP updated its Omen gaming line with new Skylake processors for its laptop and desktop, and launched an Omen-branded 32-inch 1440p display with FreeSync, set to launch in August. claims to have legit benchmarks of an overclocked GTX 1070 in 3DMark Firestrike, showing it performing better than the Titan X but not quite touching the 1080’s performance. No surprises there, but it happened, so we just had to mention it.

Steelseries launched the Rival 700 gaming mouse that they showed off back at CES, complete with the little customizable OLED display on the side, a little rumble motor for tactile alerts, and customizable plates and sensors. Gimmick, or useful feature? YOU DECIDE! With your wallet.


News sources for all of today’s stories can be found in the forum post linked in the description.


Ich bin ein wunderschönes Erdbeergesicht!


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