Android N Preview

PC gamers can all agree mechanical keyboards are all the rage, but which type of key switch is the best? Well, you’ll no longer have to choose, if EpicGear gets its way. The company has devloped a modular keyboard that allows you to swap out one type of switch for another at any time. The keyboard uses Epic Gear’s own EG mechanical switches, which come in Gray, Orange, and Purple varieties, which roughly equate to Cherry MX reds, Browns, and Blues, respectively. The idea is, you can keep most of the keys on one switch, and swap out specific gaming keys like WASD, or the spacebar, etcetera. Imagine that! A company innovating on gaming keyboard design without adding more RGB LEDs!

ASRock is sticking it to the man! The man is, in this case, Intel, who recently brought the hammer down on various motherboard manufacturers’ solutions for enabling overclocking on non-K Skylake CPUs. Well, ASRock is having none of that, they just released H170 and B170 motherboards that use an external clock-generator chip to circumvent the clock-generator on the actual Intel CPU. This will allow users to increase the base clock in increments of 0.0625 megahertz, as well as tweak memory clock. This is interesting…

And in a surprise move, Google has released the Developer Preview for Android N! Usually we don’t see the preview for upcoming Android versions until Google reveals the OS at its I/O developer conference in May, but apparently they wanted early feedback from developers. New Android N features include a native split-screen mode, a picture-in-picture mode so videos can play in a corner of the screen, and more apps get the ability to reply to messages right from the notification bar. If you have a supported Nexus device and don’t mind dealing with random glitches and instability, you can sign up for an Over the Air update or download it from the Android developer site.


Y’all know what time it is! Small talk.

In other Google news, the company’s Project Soli has posted an update showing an engineer demoing a sensor device that would let you type things by just moving your fingers around like you’re some sort of magician! or something! Very impressive.

Also impressive is the fact that Google’s AlphaGo AI project has just defeated Lee Se-dol, a legendary player of the ancient Chinese board game Go.

Seagate has unveiled what they claim is the fastest SSD ever. It’s a PCIe card that can sustain 6.7 gigabytes per second on an eight-lane PCIe slot, and 10 gigabytes per second on a 16-lane PCIe slot. So. That’s pretty fast.

Id Software has announced the Doom closed beta for those who pre-ordered Wolfenstein: the New Order will run from March 31st to April 3rd, and also released some cool-looking multiplayer footage from the game.

Facebook continues to gun for Snapchat’s live video audience with the acquisition of Masquerade, an app that features live video filters and face swapping tech. I thought we were nearing the end of the whole face swapping…

And Microsoft is testing a new app for Windows 10 mobile that will allow you to log into your Windows 10 PC just by connecting your phone and PC via bluetooth. Super cool, but let’s bring it to Android please, stat.