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Seems like everyone wants in on the whole smart assistant speaker craze. Anker, well known for their portable power banks, is the latest company to try their hand at smart speakers. As part of Anker’s Eufy smart home products, the speaker is called the Eufy Genie. The Genie uses Amazon’s Alexa assistant and is sized a bit bigger than the Amazon echo dot. THe Genie comes with a 2-watt speaker but you can hook the genie up to your own sound setup by using the aux port. In terms of microphones, the Genie only has 2 built in compared to the seven found in the dot so it might not pick up your voice as well as the echo dot can. BUt the Genie only cost $35 while the echo dot is $50, so you have to expect some differences. Anker’s Eufy genie will be available August 16th. What do you guys think about this whole smart speaker movement? Would you buy the genie? Leave a comment down below.


You might want to start binging Disney content on Netflix now. Disney has just announced that their planning to end its distribution agreement with Netflix starting in 2019, and instead, they will be launching their own streaming service during the same year. And in case you forgot, Disney movies also include marvel, Pixar and lucasfilm titles. This announcement comes as part of Disney paying 1.58 billion dollars to acquire 42 percent of Bamtech, which is the company responsible for streaming MLB, HBO, NHL, WWE, and ESPN. The Disney branded streaming service is to kick off with films like toy story 4 and even the sequel to frozen. So if you haven’t gotten around to watching anything Disney related on Netflix, get going, or don’t, I’m not your mother.


During this years Dota 2 championship, the international, Valve decided to tease a new game. It’s called Artifact. And no, it’s not the secret name for half life 3. Artifact is essentially a Dota 2 card game and will be releasing sometime in 2018. Obviously, this announcement will make it seem like Valve is trying to do what blizzard did with hearthstone. Of course, the people in attendance at the International weren’t to happy about the teaser trailer. My favourite internet comment was this person who said “well-done valve, not only can you not count to 3, you cant even be counted on.” wooof.


It’s time for bem bem bem bem lightning round


Intel announced today that they will be making a fleet of level 4 fully self-driving cars for testing in locations in Europe, Israel, and the US.


Niantic has confirmed that your last premiere ball for capturing raid Pokemon is glitched, in a way that it will always allow raid bosses to break free. TO try and make amends for it, all trainers will get an extra premiere ball. How about you just give me a lugia and arcticuno instead? That’d be nice.


Sources say that both China and South Korea will get a free protective cover included in the box for the galaxy note 8. Sometimes, i wished i lived in a different country so that i too, can get free stuff.


Razer gaming accessories now come in a white or gunmetal colorway. But be careful kids, light coloured products tend to stain easier. Just saying.


Seagates has shown off their new NVMe prototype SSD that has 64tb of storage and has reads of 13 gigabytes per second. HOOOOOOO LEE!


ANd fractal design has launched their latest case, the meshify C. Keys just uploaded his video review so you can check that out too!


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.



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