ARM’s Mail-G51: Brings low-cost VR Experience

With VR heating up, many companies were looking for a new way to provide low-cost VR experience. Yesterday, ARM announced that they will launch a smaller and faster GPU in 2018, the Mail-G51. More importantly, it could bring low-cost VR experience.

As it well known, VR is popular today. It brings a new angle for people to watch videos. It also brings the unique gaming experience. However, VR-capable devices are expensive. A qualified smartphone might cost you more than $500 CAD, and a quality VR headset could cost you more than $1,000 CAD.



ARM’s Mail-G51 will be their second GPU to use the new Bifrost architecture built with Vulkan inside. It is like the baby brother of G71. It is the first to use dual shader architecture with fewer cores.

On the other hand, the Mail-G51 is 30% smaller than the Mail-T830. Under the same situation, it is 60% more performance density than its brothers. It will become the smallest Mail series GPU. It can power 1080p to 4K smartphones. Therefore, it is a powerful budget GPU.



ARM’s new GPU also features VR applications, like VR games and collaboration. Besides, it might also cooperate with top smartphone makers like Samsung and LG.

The Mail-G51 is designed to support exciting premium use cases in 2018, which means the low-cost VR devices might not show up soon. ARM did not announce its price so far, and just mention that it would be a great price. However, the better and cheaper VR technology is what people looking for at this point. We believe that would become a new era for VR and gaming.



We will not see the Mail-G51 soon, but it will bring the better VR experience in the future. We believe VR is the mainstream going forward, and everyone can enjoy a low-cost VR experience easily in the future.

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