Asus made 2 tiny GTX 950 without 6PIN power

GTX 950 is an ideal card for entry level gamer, home entertainment, and minor video editing.

However, unlike its predecessor GTX 750, the GTX 950 do require 1x 6 PIN power plugged in. (GTX 750 runs off from motherboard power)

As a result, even though GTX 950 has the best cost/performance rate among all Nvidia cards, it is less attractive for those who is building a Mini ITX setup.

Things are about to change as ASUS announced 2 new models of GTX 950 today that run off from motherboard power directly!


By reducing TDP from 90w to 75w, these 2 new GTX 950 cards does not require 6 PIN power cable anymore.

However, as you could expected, there will be a small performance decline under heavy loads due to the lower power requirement.