Battlefield 1 Unveiled

By the time you see this video, Nvidia will have unveiled their GTX 10 series cards. But we filmed this many hours before that happened, so you know something I don’t. I don’t think that’s fair. And I’m very angry about it. Right then.


EA and DICE have officially revealed the next Battlefield game, and guess what! It’s set in World War 1! Wooot! We got a classic Battlefield trailer showing trench warfare, tanks, planes, horses, swords, and a giant freaking zeppelin. Apparently there’s a new hand-to-hand combat system for close-range encounters, because you know, fighting with shovels and clubs was a thing. Some rumors claimed the game would be set in an alternate history, but from the trailer, it looks like they’re staying somewhat true to the real thing. Now, two weird things: the game is called Battlefield 1, which is technically available because there hasn’t been a Battlefield “1”, 1942 was the first game. And secondly, apparently they couldn’t think of a song other than “seven nation army” to use in the trailer. Really. World War 1 hasn’t gotten much screen time, but that song definitely has. Are you guys excited to blow up some blimps? Leave a comment below.


HTC’s Vive headset is so successful that the company is reportedly considering spinning it off into it’s own company, and investors are worried. HTC’s CEO Cher Wang has set up a new company that will handle HTC’s VR business. In response to hearing the news, company investors dumped HTC stock, worried that HTC would focus all its efforts on this new company, and let their flailing smartphone business die. That would be bad news for the investors, but good news for VR fans. Although the HTC 10 is apparently a pretty good phone, Jack’s writing his review right now, so stay tuned.


And Microsoft Research is working on new ways to interact with smartphones – without even touching them. One of the features involves hovering your fingers over the phone while watching a video, which will show the playback controls close to where your fingers are, for convenience. You could also select text without actually touching the screen, a feature I would definitely vote for if IT was running for president. This tech is still in the research phase, but hopefully we see it in consumer devices soon.


It’s time for!

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SpaceX launched their Falcon 9 rocket even higher than it’s been before, and then landed it successfully on a sea barge for the 2nd time, and there was much rejoicing.

HP launched the EliteBook Folio G1, yet another PC that manages to fit more power and ports into a body the same size as Apple’s new Macbook. JUST SAYIN.

Hey look, it’s a one-rotored drone, for some reason. Which reason would that be? Nothing. Just so these engineers could say they did it. Well nice job, guys, whoopdedoo.

Rumor has it that Nintendo will be going back to using game cartridges instead of discs, and as Ars Technica reports, that… might actually make sense.

GoPro has delayed the launch of their Karma drone to winter 2016.

And signups are live for LawBreakers, the arena shooter developed by Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski.

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There are so few toys for kids out there that are educational while ALSO being super fun. Kamigami Robots is out to change that. With Kamigami, you can build your own robot, learn the basics of programming, and create and play interactive games. They sent the crew here in the office a couple, we’ve been playing around with them a bunch and they’re kind of crazy. Here’s how it works: You get a flat sheet of nylon and plastic and build it with your own hands into a durable, super-fast robot. Then, you can control it through the app, but you can also program and create games, and interactions while learning the basics of coding logic. Make them race and interact with other robots, learn special moves, the possibilities are really open to your imagination. And, over time, new sensors, triggers and building blocks will be added, so you can further modify your robot. Also, these things are super durable, they can survive a 60 foot drop. It’s a cool way for kids to build a robot, learn programming basics, and play with it however they want. Normally, these bots are going to retail for 99 bucks US, but if you go to, you can get 40 bucks off! So that’s 60 bucks. If my math is correct. Not bad for something with huge possibilities. So click HERE or the link in the description if this is something that tickles your fancy.
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