Be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Review

This Be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 review will determine whether or not it makes a name for its self

Be quiet! has truly created something unique. The pro has tempered glass, a wireless Qi dock and LED lights. The Dark Base Pro is very aesthetically pleasing but its build material of brushed aluminum is detrimental as it is a huge fingerprint magnet. Staying true to the company’s name, it has incredible sound absorbing padding so that the user doesn’t hear whirring noises from fans. It has a slider on the front to control fans. No need to worry about dust, as be quiet! equips it with premium dust filters. Both filters are easily accessible from the front whereas its predecessor the Silent Base 600 couldn’t annoying many of its users. Although it has many dampening pads, it does not drastically affect airflow as the case has extra space for air. Since this case is able to fit E-ATX & XL-ATX, it comes as no surprise that it can fit CPU Radiators up to 420mm!

What really defines this case when comparing to other rivals is with its flexibility. The Dark Base 900 and its Pro version can both be inverted to your discretion. It is also adaptable to motherboard height adjustments by being able to reposition backplates from the bottom at the top. The hard drive cages are fully modular so that you can put it custom watercooling tanks.  These cages are capable of supporting 2 SSDs or 1 HDD in each cage and do no flex with pressure! Rubber grommets make cable management a breeze allowing you to showcase a clean looking case.

Overall, the Be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 and Dark Base show many strengths with very little cons. This could possibly be the best case of 2016. HardwareCanucks give it their signature “Dam Innovative” award!


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