Best Tech Gifts for Your Car

Looking for gifts for your family this holiday season? Don’t forget hunting some tech gifts for your car as well, and we have you covered. Following are the top three best tech gifts for your car.

XiaoYi Smart Dash Cam

Drive smarter, drive safer. A forward-facing dash cam can record the daily commute of your car. The Xiaoyi smart dash cam features 165-degree wide angle lens and Ultra-high sensitivity imaging & night vision. With a 1296p super high definition, this could be your first choice of dash cams.

$119.98 via NCIX

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Linke Car Mount Holder

The use of a cell phone for talking and texting while driving is clearly risky. The car mount holder for mobile phones can let you drive safer. The Linke car mount holder is designed to hold the cell phones securely and keep it conveniently and comfortably within reach. You can use your phone for GPS in the car easier, so you do not need to hold it in your hand anymore.

$7.99 via NCIX

Linke LKC-C04 Universal 360 Rotate Adjustable Motion Car Mount Holder for Mobile Phones / iPhone - 122070_01.jpg

Linke Car Charger

If you are planning a casual road trip, you can skip the power bank and bring a Linke car charger. They offer series USB chargers and allow you fill your phone up during the road trip easily.

Starting at $5.99 from NCIX

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