Bethesda auto-downloads Creation Club


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Bethesda’s Creation Club service is live on Fallout 4, and seems like you might become part of the club whether you like it or not. Users on the Bethesda forums are complaining that Creation Club files for paid items like character armor are being downloaded to their PCs as part of regular game updates. This is taking up storage and bandwidth for content that users can’t even use unless they purchase it. A Bethesda community manager has responded, saying they’re working on “solutions that would not require Creation Club archives to be part of the game’s patch”, and that they appreciate the constructive feedback. Or more like destructive feedback, as it seems like… no one really wants Creation Club? To exist? So.


AI and deep learning are super hot buzzwords that all the teens are saying nowadays, and that’s why Huawei is including them in their new system on a chip, the Kirin 970. Because they want. Teens . in it. The Kirin 970 is the company’s new platform, which includes a dedicated neural processing unit, or NPU. That component promises to give devices built on the chipset powerful AI features without connecting to the cloud, and to, in their words, “make smartphone intelligent”. Sounds like they’re well on their way.


And the makers of Garry’s Mod, Facepunch Studios, have announced they’re working on a new sandbox-type game called.. Appropriately… Sandbox. Garry’s Mod creator Garry Newman told PC Gamer that while the new game is, in a way, “Garry’s Mod 2”, Sandbox is destined for greater things. It’s being built in Unreal Engine 4, but in such a way that the Sandbox system can be transplanted to other engines like Source, where Garry’s Mod 1 got its start, or even spun off as its own platform. Newman says it’s too early to say what the final vision of Sandbox will look like, but the team is enjoying playing around with it right now. And that’s enough.


It’s time for Quick Bits, by golly.

Gigabyte unveiled a teeeensy weensy GTX 1080 for mini-ITX builds, or people who just like tiny versions of things.

Facebook has launched Facebook Watch, its video and tv-show-centric service. Anyone in the US can start watching today, but international users will have to wait.

Panasonic has announced 6K video capability will be added to the GH5 at the end of September with the firmware 2.0 update. The feature was promised at launch, but until now, owners had to put up with lame old 4K. Blegh. Basically, all you can see is pixels! Baaah.

Youtube Gaming is upping its… game, with lower-latency, almost real-time streaming and the ability to stream directly from the iOS YouTube app. Watch out, Twitch.. Or don’t, I think you’re fine for now actually.

And wireless VR on desktop PCs will be arriving in North America shortly, as the TPCase wireless upgrade kit for the HTC Vive is available to pre-order on the Microsoft store for $299 US. Now, play VR games with a slightly lower chance of tripping and hurting yourself.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.


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