Budget Build ft. Radeon RX 470

What happens when you build a “budget system” around a Radeon RX 470? What kind of performance numbers could you get from that? Let’s find out on the back to school budget build bonanza! Boom! Sorry, i went overboard on the alliteration.


Now full disclosure, these parts  that are being showcased might seems a bit hodgepodge and were thrown together without rhyme or reason. But basically there were 2 conditions that the parts had to meet. Number one, they had to be a wallet friendly as possible. And 2, they had to be in stock at the time of filming, otherwise i wouldn’t be able to build this for y’all to see. These two conditions applied for everything except for the GPU, which MSI graciously lent to us. Oh and all pricing is in Canadian.


Let’s start off with the base…. Or case..I mean case. We‘ve got the Corsair Carbide Series spec 01 case. Not only does the Spec 01  fit into the category of wallet friendly, it also has a lot of little creature comforts. Its got cable management holes, tool free drive sleds for 3.5 inch drives, has a usb 3 port, comes with a red led fan and 4 other spots to mount more fans for extra cooling and of course, it’s got a side panel window for you to gaze lovingly at your computer parts. MSRP in canadian dollars is 79.98.


Next for the cpu we picked out the AMD A4 6300 APU.  Yes, we picked dual core performance for this budget build. That’s 58.98. For the motherboard we have the msi a68hm-e33. $74.98. With ram, we went with 8gb of G skill sniper ddr3 ram since 8gb is kind of the sweet spot in terms of price to performance, plus the sniper rifle heatsinks are cool, i dont care what anyone says. $50.99


For power, we have an evga 500w 80 plus certified power supply. $55.98. Finally for a storage solution, we put in a 240GB Kingston V400 ssd because let’s be real here. A 120GB ssd wont fit a whole lot of stuff, but with a 240GB there’s a bit more breathing room. $89.98


Can we add a section about Fans & LEDs? Can you talk about how much cooling this system might need are the 3 fans from the case be enough? And if they would like to spice it up with LED strips what are the best combo?


So combining all of these parts with the rx470, lets check out how well this build performs with some benchmarks.

Up first Unigine Valley. Score 1666, average fps 39.8.

Unigine Heaven, this budget build received a score of 1455 with an average FPS of 57.8

In 3D Mark Timespy, it scored 2293.

In 3D Mark Firestrike, it scored 3905.

And with Rise of the Tomb raider, its overall score is 52.02 FPS.

So there you have it, not too shabby for the mish mash of parts that we have.

If you’ve been keeping track, all the parts minus the gpu cost a total of  $410.89. That seems a bit much for what we have BUT i’m actually leaving out something very important and that’s sales pricing. If you take into account that NCIX almost always has a sale each week, the new total comes out to $360.93. And that’s before a $10 mail in rebate which now brings the price down to 350.93. So with a $350 for a pc with no GPU isn’t bad at all. And keep in mind you can always substitute in different parts that you might find a bit appealing to your tastes.

Now some of you are thinking, I don’t know anything about computers so i don’t know where to start when picking parts. Well we got you covered cuz you can always go to ncixpc.com From here you can chose a PC for Home, Business, Gaming or even special edition PCs. Plus if you’re not happy with the pre-configured specs you can customize every component. You can even add more fans and even LED strips. And of course all PC’s built by NCIX come with a one year warranty. You can click here for more info about NCIX PC.
But that about wraps it up for this video on building a budget PC around the RX 470. If you want links to all of the parts used in today’s build, you can check the description. Check out some previous videos over here, hit us up on twitter right over here, but as always, liked the video, comment below for fans with benefits and subscribe for more videos like this from NCIX. We’ll see you later.


Parts List

Amd a4 6300 APU 42.99 sale

Corsair Carbide Spec 01  64.99 sale

EVGA 500W 80 plus certified 52.00 sale 42.00 MIR

Kingston v400 240GB 79.98 sale

MSI A68HM-E33 69.98 Sale

MSI RX 470 8GB 339.99 MSRP

G.Skill Sniper DDR3 8GB kit 50.99 MSRP

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