Gadgets and other car tech are very dear to our hearts, considering we love gadgets and we love cars. Duh. But many of these not only make our lives easier, but could potentially save you thousands of dollars!

I’m not kidding about the money saving part. I strongly believe that a dashboard camera is a must have for any driver in this day and age. You can pick them up for anything from $50 to $300, depending on the feature set and quality you need. Accidents happen every day, and if you’re unfortunate enough to be involved in one, it’s vital to have a neutral piece of evidence when dealing with insurance. Far too often at-fault drivers will lie in order to not have rises in their premiums, and you could one day be at the other end of it all. Along with that, sometimes you’ll see funny things on the road you want to document, or you want to upload some driving footage to show your other car buddies. You can find amazing features in some dash cams such as GPS tracking, speed, and even G-force sensors.

Next up, a proper mount for your phone. It’s against the law to operate a phone while driving here in BC, so it’s vital you set it up in an easy to view location so you don’t have to fumble around with it while driving. It needs to be secure, survive your daily usage, and most importantly actually hold the position you set it in. Don’t cheap out here, otherwise you’ll spend all your readjusting a mount that keeps sagging.

The last one isn’t as vital, but one that’s nice to have. A large capacity 2.1amp power bank, preferably with multiple 2.1amp outputs. I know you can charge your devices from your car itself, but you may run out of ports or not want to pull as much energy from the car if you have multiple devices like a smart phone, digital camera, or laptop.