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Horrible news for people that use the Ccleaner software.According to Ccleaner’s parent company, Avast, CCleaner could be filled with malware. Sources say that hackers have compromised the software sometime in August and some researchers found some malicious content within the software after CCleaner version 5.33 started to trigger some protection systems.  Researchers also say that the hidden malware contained functionalities that could be used to send encrypted info about the computer it infected back to a server controlled by hackers. So if you are one of the 133 million people who use Ccleaner, make sure to update your software cuz malware be sliding into all them dms.


Some more bad news. If you play Battleborn, the upcoming Fall update will be the game’s last update. Yes, just after a mere 16 months after launch, the fps shooter will no longer receive updates or planned content after the fall update. Creative director Randy Varnell says that the servers will be up and running for the foreseeable future. He also says that himself and many others will be working on a “highly anticipated” unannounced project at Gearbox Studios. Cough borderlands3 a cough. As sort of a thank you for playing, on the gearbox forum you can find a code to redeem a free skin for a character. It’s hard to say that you didn’t see this coming as Overwatch was launched around the same time as battle born and overwatch has been crushing it. Battleborn is now battle..died?  Battleputonlifesuport?

No, that doesn’t sound right at all.


In leaked early news, the new GoPro Hero 6 has been put out on shelves in its final retail package in a Bestbuy somewhere in Canada. Yay canada? The new Hero 6 will carry the same design as the hero 5 but there will be some different specs. THe biggest change for the hero 6 aka what i like to call Baymax, is that the sport camera can now shoot 4k footage at 60 fps. Thats something gopro users have been yearning for for a while. Baymax can also shoot 1080P at 240fps for all of them slow mo shots. The camera will retail for $649 CAD which works out to be $499 US and the actual product will officially be announced and launched next week on the 28th.


It’s time for bem bem bem bem lightning round


Bose has decided not to wait for Google’s official announcement for their Google assistant headphones and have already put their QuietComfort 35 two on best buy shelves. BasicaLLY, the QC35 2 are high-end noise-canceling headphones that now have a google assistant button.


Some people have discovered that the Nintendo switch secretly might have an NES emulator built in as sources say there seems to be a copy of the 1984 sports sim game simply named Golf. if someone could let me know how to accessed this, hit me up on twitter =)


Samsung Galaxy S8 owners can now officially disable the Bixby button although if you still long press it activation still works. Mmmmmm bye bye bixby. Low key i turned mine off cuz i always pressed it by accident.


The developers for the shooter survival zombie game Fortnite, might have enabled cross platform play as some ps4 players have noticed other players in their own game who have xbox gamertags. Hopefully, more game devs follow suit, cuz this, this is awesome.


And it looks like some pages on the Pirate Bay website has been using visitor user’s CPU power to mine for monero oins, a type of cryptocurrency. Uh, that hella shady, maybe just don’t use pirate bay


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.



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