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Intel has dropped the review embargo for the rest of its Core i9 processor lineup, and reviews are out, mostly for the 18-core 7980XE and 16-core 7960XE. The overall consensus seems to be that these chips are now the most powerful high core count CPUs on the market, outside of getting a Xeon processor. AMD’s highest-end Threadripper part, the 16-core 1950X, does actually trade blows with the 7960XE in a few applications, which makes the Ryzen part’s $999 dollar price look even more attractive next to the 7960X’s $1700 dollars. However, it looks like with some overclocking, Intel’s new Core-X chips could prove their worth, as famous overclocker der8auer was able to get all of the 7980XE’s 18 cores to 6GHz under liquid nitrogen. But on the whole, this Intel launch seems to be kind of a similar story to the last one – they’re the most powerful consumer desktop CPUs, with a big price premium.


In other Intel news, the company has taken the lid off its 8th generation CPU family, codenamed coffee lake, following a leak of the official Intel slides. We’ve seen a lot of this information before thanks to leaks, but now it’s official. Coffee Lake consists of 6 14nm chips, two Core i3s, two i5s, and two i7s, with one locked and unlocked model in each of those categories. The i3s are quad-core without hyperthreading, the i5s are 6-core also without hyperthreading, and the i7s are 6-core, with hyperthreading, so 12 threads altogether. A leaked review has already surfaced of the 8700K, showing single core performance on par with Kaby Lake, and multi-thread performance up to 46% better. Obviously, these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt, but let’s hope Coffee Lake has something great to offer since it’s coming so soon after the launch of Kaby Lake.


And iOS 11 launched last week, but after updating, some users are reporting significant battery drain on their phones. Mobile security firm Wandera monitored a subset of 50 thousand moderate to heavy iPhone and iPad users on its networks, and found that devices running iOS 11 depleted their batteries 60% faster than those running iOS 10. iOS device users always report slowdowns after updating to a new version, but this is possibly the biggest real-world effect we’ve ever seen. There’s good news, though, experts say there’s an easy fix. …. Switch to Android. OOOOOOH




AMD has followed Nvidia in dropping mainstream game support for 3 and 4-way multi-GPU configurations, seemingly signaling the end of the “4-GPU unrealistically balls-to-the-wall gaming system” era. …That’s the official name.


After complaining that Fortnite copied their Battle Royale game mode, the developers of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds have clarified their comments – they’re wary that Fortnite’s developer, Epic Games, could find ways to hurt PUBG’s business, since PUBG is built on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. But PUBG just hit 1.5 million concurrent players, so they should be fine.


China has blocked WhatsApp from operating in the country, right after it was confirmed that Chinese messaging app WeChat provides its users’ personal data to the Chinese government. Time to use Line, or something, I guess.


Apple has dropped Bing as the search engine used in Siri and Spotlight queries, switching to Google instead. Bout time. Although Bing will still be used for image search. Because otherwise Bing’s feelings would have been hurt. Bing is sensitive.


Speaking of Bing, Microsoft is getting into quantum computing in a big way, announcing plans to release a quantum computing programming language along with a quantum computing simulator to develop and debug quantum programs using quantum algorithms. Word on the street is the more you say quantum, the smarter you get, so I’m trying out that method.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.


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