Case Review – Corsair 400C

The better, smaller and non-inverted ATX version of the 600C. Corsair 400C is going to be an extremely popular choice for mid-tier builds. The 400C starts at a really competitive price point of $99 USD. How this case is smaller than the 600C is that it has only seven PCI-E slots and no optical drives bays. The front panel is metallic wrapped with its simplistic design with only a small Corsair logo in the bottom left corner. The window to showcase the components is acrylic which is very resilient to scratches and marks. The window also has a handle which is extremely helpful and users can take out the window by taking out the hinges. Good job Corsair. Right behind the front panel is adequate space for fans!

For fans, users can place three 120mm fans or two 140mm fans at the front. We also forgot to mention that the front has a nice dust filter mesh. For IO, users get a reset button, headphone & microphone jack, dual USB 3.0, power button and drive usage indicator. For the top vents, it has a coarse enough dust filter mesh that stops dust but still allows exhaust. Up there, people can place either two 120mm or two 140mm. Since there is not much clearance space up there, builders better place the radiators at the front. This case is elevated quite a bit that gives space for the PSU fan to move air around. It has four feet that all has rubber beneath them. The PSU and the drive bays are hidden behind a nice subtle shroud to cover up them messy wires.

Behind the right panel are three slots for SSDs. Wow! With this case comes along three rubber grommets which are fantastic for cable management. Overall, this case is easy to install components into and has a the nice simplistic design all around. Dimitry from HardwareCanucks gives it the signature “Dam Good” Award.

Buy the Corsair 400C at NCIX CA or NCIX US
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