Corsair really impressed a lot of people with the Air 540 case, so when they came out with the mATX sized Air 240, we were pretty eager to get our hands on it.

We know Corsair listens to their audience, as one of the main complaints from the Air 540 was the lack of useful drive storage options. It came with 2x 3.5″ drive bays in the main chamber, and an SSD rack on the back. But times have changed, and many more people have SSD’s now. While there isn’t space in the main chamber to show off SSD’s, the hard drive mounting system is now much simplier and even accessible from outside of the case.

As the name implies, there is amazing airflow in this case. With the added option of rotating this case so the window faces up, you can have 4 panels with fans in your main chamber configured however you’d like. There’s even compatibility for radiators in this tiny thing. Because of the split chamber design, there is room for full length power supplies and video cards. And the best part of a dual chamber design? Being able to stuff all of your cables in the second chamber without them showing through. Cable management can be fun.. but when you need to build as many systems as I do, you greatly appreciate convenience.

The one downside that I found was having only 4 PCI slots. I really wish manufacturers would adopt 5 PCI slots for mATX cases. In SLI/Crossfire configurations, it’s never a good idea to put two cards side by side. With the extra 5th slow, you can have a space in between for better airflow or even an expansion card like a sound or network card. But even with that caveat, the Corsair Air 240 is one of the most flexible cases you can get.