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Corsair just announced a new gaming mouse, and its called the Glaive RGB. The Glaive has a 16,000 DPI optical sensor, 3 interchangeable magnetic thumb grips, Omron switches rated for 50 million clicks and 3-zone programmable dynamicRGBb lighting. Users can set the sensitivity anywhere between 100 to 16,000 DPI with single DPI adjustment for the perfect sensitivity. And by using the corsair utility engine, it will allow the Glaive’s 6 buttons to be fully remapped and be able to execute multi-function macros. The Glaive RGB is available now for $69.99 and is available in aluminum or black. What do you think of Corsairs new Glaive RGB mouse? Leave a comment.


Valve has made some changes to the Steam Gifting process. Basically you can no longer gift to email or gift to one’s inventory. Instead, it’s a direct exchange from buyer to receiver. In a post on their steam blog, the company breaks down the new system changes. The first being gift scheduling. Buy a gift months in advance and it will be delivered to your friend on time, every time. Next up are declined gifts. The old system would put declined gifts back to the giver’s inventory and it would remain on their bill. Now if someone declines a gift, they can click decline and the gift giver will receive a refund. Finally, is cross country gifting. No more worrying if a gift to a friend will work or not in their country, gifts sent will always work on the receivers account. If there is a large difference in pricing between 2 countries, gifting won’t be available and you’ll know before purchasing.


In eSports news, the NBA’s 2K e league is set to start next year in 2018. Earlier this year, the league only expected 12 teams to join the project, but now a total of 17 out of the 30 teams have chosen to participate. Some teams on the list include the Cavs, Mavericks, Warriors and Raptors to name a few. But some of the other big names are missing like the Lakers, Spurs and Bulls. It’s hard to imagine why some teams haven’t opted in yet on the e-league. If the 2k league ends up being as popular as other esports, it could be quite a lucrative opportunity.


Its time for snippy snippets


The official raspberry pi magazine has included some hardware in their latest issue to build your own version of Google home assistant speaker. If you can’t get a hold of the magazine, you can try to source your own hardware and follow along with the online instructions. This project works with raspberry pi 3’s, 2’s and zero’s.


Elon musk shared some info on their next upcoming vehicle the model Y, which will be a compact SUV. If you ask me, Elon Musk is trying way too hard to have the lineup of electric vehicles spell out S3XY.


Titanfall might find its way to mobile devices as a real time strategy game called Titanfall: Assault.


An indiegogo campaign was just launched for a Banana phone. It’s a plastic banana shaped handset that pairs to your phone via bluetooth. If you back the project, not only will you get a bananaphone, 1% of all sales go to Gearing up for gorillas, a mountain gorilla conservation team. So like.. Buy a banana phone and be part of saving some gorillas. Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone… love that song.


And Palit plans to make a factory overclocked, Hall of Fame, limited edition, GTX 1080 Ti complete with triple 8 pin pcie power connectors and a LCD screen that displays GPU info.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the ncix forum post linked in the description.



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This week is the Marvelous May sales event! The canadian deal is a logitech G29 racing wheel for 369.98. Thats a savings of over $125! The American deal is a bitfenix comrade mid tower case with a windowed side panel for $29.99! Thats over 55% off the msrp! Click up here or down in the description for more details on all of this weeks savings!
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