Corsair K68 Mechanical Keyboard Review


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I spill things. A lot. I don’t know what happened to me as a child that caused me to incorrectly develop an ability to keep food and liquids inside their containers, and I don’t think we’ll ever know. But in the absence of explanations, Corsair has provided me with a solution. Sort of. This is the K68 mechanical keyboard, and it’s got a special secret. Here’s a hint: (pours water) You can use it as a beverage container.


At first glance, the K68 looks just like any other gaming keyboard – it’s got sturdy construction, custom media control buttons, and largely backlit keycaps – but under those keys hides a surprise – a waterproof barrier that rises over the switch. This doesn’t make the K68 completely waterproof, Corsair only claims an IP32 rating for dust and water resistance – but we thought we’d see how much it could take just to be sure.


Before we get to how that turned out though, let’s let a little more acquainted with the other features of the keyboard. The K68 has everything you’d expect from a Corsair mechanical keyboard – a clean, modern design, 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover, per-key LED backlighting, although it’s not RGB, just red, with 3 brightness levels. There’s dedicated volume and multimedia controls here as well, a Windows button lock key to prevent accidentally switching out of your game, and a textured removable wrist rest.


The switches themselves are Cherry MX red, which sort of explains the red backplate and RED LEDs. It’s so you won’t forget. And each key is fully programmable with the Corsair Utility Engine software, which will let you customize lighting with any lots of different effects and timings, apply macros to any key, and control any of your other Corsair peripherals as well. In my personal opinion, the wrist rest doesn’t actually elevate your wrist that much, so it just kind of slides off. And the spacebar is textured – that doesn’t bother me, but be aware if you like the finish on all your keyboard keys to be consistent.


Other than that, the typing and gaming experience under normal conditions was stellar as usual, but what about ABnormal conditions? We built a setup that would allow us to play a game while having water poured over the gamer’s hand, to see how resistant the K68 really is. If you’re having a LAN party and it HAS to be outside for some reason and there’s a storm warning, will the K68 persevere? Let’s find out.


To test how water resistant this keyboard is, we set up a makeshift barrier between it and a laptop and got ourselves a big ol water jug. As I played Overwatch, Barret poured water onto the K68. Now it goes without saying that we do NOT recommend you do this test. Not because we’re professionals. Because we weren’t afraid of breaking a keyboard to make an interesting video. Now, a little bit of water didn’t affect the keyboard functioning at all, so we poured some more on. No effect. Finally, Barret dumped about half the jug, and… absolutely nothing happened. Other than the distraction of having water poured on your hand while gaming, I saw no detrimental effect. It’s impressive, to say the least. Seems like Corsair’s design worked just great.


Now, I’m not sure whether the actual components inside are water resistant, or whether the barrier is the only thing keeping liquid out. Regardless, we didn’t bother doing a submersion test, since… that probably would never be a real world scenario. But it’s safe to say, the K68 is effective, completely, spill-proof. Klutzes like myself, rejoice.


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