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Look what we have here. People who want some tech news. Well, we’re gonna give you the tech news, and then more news. Yeah… cuz its what we do.


The Corsair One, the first ever fully built PC from Corsair, is now available for pre-order. It’s been well over a month since Corsair first launched their teaser video, but now Corsair has given us all of the juicy deets. The One measures 380mm tall, 176mm wide, and 200mm deep. As for the internals, there are currently 4 configurations to choose from. There’s the corsair one, the one pro, another one pro and the one Ti. those two latter configs are exclusive to corsair’s webstore. The Cpu can either be the i7 7700 or 7700k, both liquid cooled. For the GPU, it ranges from the GTX 1070, air-cooled, to GTX 1080’s or 1080 ti’s, liquid cooled. The one also comes with a z270 motherboard, 16gb of ddr4 ram expandable to 32gb, 240-960gb SSD storage options, a small form factor 80plus gold power supply, and windows ten home. The One starts from $1800 and will include free shipping for a limited time. What do you think about Corsair’s first PC now that we know more? Like it? Hate it? Comment below.


Looks like Apple won’t be thinking about turning phones and iPads into notebooks. Website Apple insider has discovered a patent filed by Apple that shows “an electronic accessory device”.The accessory seems to come in 2 main forms, one version compatible with an iPhone like device, the other version being compatible with a tablet. The iPhone version seems to turn the phone into a working trackpad while powering the device itself. Meanwhile, the iPad version turns the tablet into the devices screen. This is all very interesting, to say the least but we’ve seen laptop phone docks before, and they haven’t gained a whole lot of traction. If apple is serious about this device, it could be a definite game changer.


During their “Google for Brazil” event, Google made a few announcements. First up, their video call service, Duo, will now get audio only calling. Google says this new feature will work on all connection speeds and won’t eat up your data. Um, google, didn’t you forget about this app called “phone”? Anyways, google’s allo messenger now supports file sharing and smart smiley in Brazilian Portuguese. Google photos will offer faster backup and sharing regardless of connection, and finally, google maps will be adding a location sharing feature without leaving the app. Users should be seeing these updates rolling out soon worldwide.


It’s time for snippy snippets.


Some posters for Destiny 2 have made their way to the internet. The posters seem to point to the game release date of September 8th and also a beta might be in the works. This goes against earlier rumors where the game would release in November.


There appears to be an alleged galaxy note 8 schematic that reveals that the note 8 could come with a 6.4-inch screen at 4k resolutions. I’m still not convinced that the world is ready for ultra HD resolutions on smartphones.


Jaguar Land Rover will be offering prepaid unlimited AT&t data plans for in car wifi for just $20 a month.


EK Waterblocks is now offering a GPU terminal block with a pair of 90-degree rotaries attached to it. Smart.


And Elgato wants to make streaming a bit less frustrating with the Stream Deck, a programmable LCD control center.For $150, you could feel like a tv producer sitting at a fancy schmancy control board… except, you’re not a tv producer.. And it’s not on TV… just on the internet.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.



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