CPU + RAM in One Chip?!


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Researchers at Stanford University and MIT are testing a new type of processor that could revolutionize computing as we know it. Another one of those. The chip would use a 3D structure to connect layers of logic and memory – essentially, you’d have a processor with integrated memory, so you wouldn’t have to deal with bandwidth bottlenecks like in traditional systems. The memory being used in the prototype is a resistive random-access memory, or RRAM, which is non-volatile, so it can store information when-when unpowered. The processing components are being made of carbon nanotu – … CARBON NANOTUBES!? What can’t they do. So in 15-20 years, maybe we won’t be shopping for a CPU and RAM separately, cuz they’ll be the same thing. … whoa.


US Homeland Security and the FBI have released a report concerning recent malware attacks that were targeted at employees of nuclear power plants. Hackers tried to gain access to employees’ personal computers using what’s called “spear-fishing” attacks, trying to get their targets to click on malicious email attachments disguised as resumes emailed from job applicants. The hackers don’t appear to have gained access to any reactor control systems, thanks in part to the fact that those are “air-gapped”, or kept disconnected from the internet, so there doesn’t appear to be any immediate danger. Sources familiar with the investigation told the New York Times that the hackers’ methods are similar to those used by Russian hacking group Energetic Bear, so actually a better way to describe what happened would be, “Putin infiltrated nuclear plants while shirtless and punched Americans in the face. Then flew away on his magic bear. Please don’t get mad at me I’m Canadian.


And two of the biggest companies working to make human-like AI have teamed up to protect humanity from… human-like AI. Google’s Deepmind and the Elon Musk-backed OpenAI have published a joint study describing a method that would have AI systems learn using human-supplied feedback. This differs from regular reinforcement learning, which sees the AI fine-tune its solutions to a task based on a reward structure. Reinforcement learning can sometimes lead to AI systems “breaking the game”, so to speak, as in the case of a racing game AI that drove in circles to collect more points rather than actually race. Human feedback would prevent this, as a person could more directly influence the AI towards a solution. A simulated robot learned how to do a backflip in 45 minutes with human feedback, but took 2 hours to do the same using traditional reinforcement learning. So not only would AI agents learn better, they might appreciate us helping them, and in turn, not kill us when they gain sentience and omnipotence? Is that… is that the play here?


Those were the 3 main stories today. Now it’s time for some other little ones. AKA Quick Bits.


More AI news: The UK Press Association, has won a grant from Google to have AI create 30 thousand news stories a month for local papers in Ireland and the UK. As someone who writes for a living, this is kind of scary. But those robots have to feed their families somehow, so, okay.

Want to gain a very small amount of dexterity? Use this prosthetic thumb, so you can have two on one hand. You’ll be no Adam Jensen, but you’ll be way higher than everyone else in the.. .number of thumbs department.

Man, cell phone batteries suck, so researchers at the University of Washington made a phone without one. The prototype draws power from ambient radio signals and light, so you’ll never have to charge again. If you want to only call people on Skype.

And Tesla will build the world’s largest battery in southern Australia. Elon Musk says the 100-megawatt facility will be built in 100 days, or it’s free. Yep. Elon Musk delivers 100-megawatt battery farms like it’s cheap pizza. This is the future.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.


Hey! You know what researchers found in Ancient Damascus Steel Blades?? CArbon NAnotubes! .. …..whaaaa??


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