Crossfire R9 300+200 GPUs

EDIT: Look guys, I wasn’t trying to bash AMD at all. If/when there’s a better price/performance on an AMD card vs. an Nvidia card, I’ll go with the AMD card. No fanboys over here. People in the industry refer to AMD’s new cards as rebrands, because they use the same chips, albeit with modifications, at the same price tier as their predecessors. Fact of the matter is, you can Crossfire a 290X and a 390X – call it “rebrand”, “refresh”, “reheat”, “rebar”, “recycle” – these are just words. AMD and Nvidia both have excellent solutions for different things. Let’s not get caught up on the little things, shall we?

Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata has passed away; AMD’s new driver enables Crossfire between 300 and 200 series GPUs; Intel cancels Cannonlake and slates “Ice Lake” for 2017. Plus, Quick Bits!

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