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Why are we out here in the sun? And why are there a bunch of random things on this table? And why did we use a clickbaity title? All this and MORE on this episode of Second Most Extreme Elimination Challenge! If you didn’t get that reference, then shame on you.


*Dirty Intro that we film after playing*

Why are we out here in the sun? And why are we covered in stuff? And why did we use a clickbaity title? All this and MORE on this episode of Second Most Extreme Elimination Challenge! If you didn’t get that reference, then shame on you.


Now before we start the game, let’s go over some of the rules. We have a DJI Phantom 4 equipped with a FliFli Air Drop, which lets us carry a small payload up to 1kg and drop it remotely from the ground. Now, they designed this thing to drop lures into an ocean or a lake while you’re fishing, but we came up with a better idea.


Each person takes a turn rolling two dice. The first die has all of our faces on it and will be the poor soul who has to lie down in the middle of our target. Since there’s only 4 of us, the 5th side contains a wild card that lets you pick your target and the 6th side will be everyone else all at once.


The second die will be your projectile. We have water balloons filled with water, water balloons filled with shaving cream, eggs, cupcakes, and the least messy of them all : marshmallows. Bonus points if you can catch that one with your mouth. And just like before, the 6th side is a wild card so you can be as nice or as evil as you want to whoever you rolled.


Everyone has 5 lives – when it’s your turn and you hit someone, you’re safe. But if you miss, then you lose a life. And it’s gotta be a direct hit – splashes won’t count. The person who rolled the dice gets to pilot the drone up to 20 feet, carefully line up their shot, and drop the payload using the FliFli Airdrop. Simple! Last person standing wins. The first person to lose all their lives, however, will receive a pretty terrible surprise punishment. Now let’s get back to the action.

** Back in studio after **


Now that may have been a bit silly, but it was a pretty good way of testing out the FliFli Airdrop. The most impressive thing is how easily it mounts onto the drone – it simply uses a 4 way plastic clip that looks and feels very similar to the gimbal lock that comes with the drone.


The aesthetics match as well, with a glossy white exterior and big brightly lit buttons. Both the remote and the airdrop turn on and off exactly like the Phantom 4 as well – you just press it once then hold it afterwards. They both charge via micro usb and will go from 0 to full in less than an hour. Now, we didn’t really want to test the maximum standby time since thats rated at over 410 hours. But their claim of 3 hours of active use is pretty accurate. Even after filming our whole skit earlier, we still had more than half the battery remaining. You’ll run out of batteries for your drone far before the Airdrop dies.


FliFli claims that it can hold a maximum weight of about 1 kilogram, but we wouldn’t carry a payload heavier than 300 grams. It’s not because it can’t hold the weight, but it’s because of the Phantom 4. It really does not like having things attached, especially when it hangs in the back and shifts the overall balance. The speed and mobility of the drone felt noticeably slower with just an empty airdrop attached, so don’t expect to do any fancy flying with a heavy payload attached. Your flight time will also decrease as well, so don’t fly too far away.


And finally, since it attaches in the back, the airdrop itself doesn’t affect any of the sensors on the Phantom 4. However, you do need to be cautious about what you attach to the airdrop. We were fine since we strung projectiles far below the drone itself, but if you have a very short tether, the object you’re carrying could interfere with the downward facing sensors on the drone. As well, if you have anything like a parachute, or something that catches wind, it could very easily blow your drone away or get caught up in your blades.


That about wraps it up for our review of the FliFli Airdrop. Thanks for watching and click here for previous videos, and check us out on twitter over here. But as always like the video if you liked it, comment below for fans with benefits, and subscribe for more videos like this from NCIX.

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