If You Didn’t Know: Top 10 Google Maps Tricks

Google Maps, known as a web mapping service developed by Google. It provides street views, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for traveling. However, if you didn’t know, there are some tricks you could try on Google Maps.

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Track a flight

You do not need to visit other websites and search a flight’s tracking. Now, there is a Google Maps tool named FlightStats. Just enter the flight information into the tool and get started tracking.

Counting Taxi Fare

Like setting up a route guide, you can type in starting and ending location, then you can get an estimate on taxi fare including tips! It is available in US and Canada. If you are planning to call a cab and go out, this is a useful trick.

See the city at night

The world is totally different at night. Check out the lights from densely populated areas to remote regions is fun.

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Find a Job

No kidding. Enter the field or location you are interested in, then you will get a list of job opening!

Find a WiFi hotspot

This is a useful skill for everyone. You can check out the locations what allow you to connect the internet before you go out.

 Movie filming location

If you are a big movie fan, it is a great trick you should try.With Moviemappr, fans will able to see what movies, were filmed in their city and even where certain scenes were shot.

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Map out your events

If you are worry about friends and family will get lost driving to your birthday party or wedding, use google maps to create a guide for your guest!

Find a mid-point

Traveling to other cities and can’t find the mid-point to meet up with friends? You can enter you and your friend’s current location to find a mid-point to meet up.

Find out the cheapest gas

This map helps you to save money. It could guide you to the nearest gas station with cheapest gas price in your area.

Make your own map

The tool can help you create your own virtual maps. You can “use” it and share with friends.

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