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Tech giant Microsoft announced today that there will be layoffs that will affect up to 3000 employees. Reports are saying that most of the job cuts will be from their sales department and that 75% of the cuts will be made outside of the United States. This reorganization effort is meant to help Microsoft focus on Azure, their cloud platform. Some of the employees affected by the layoffs were informed today, while others have been told that Microsoft is considering eliminating their roles in the future. Sources speculate that this move from Microsoft is an effort towards competing with both Google and Amazon and their respective online services for commerce.


With the recent tease of Doomfist, Overwatch now has the new hero available to play in the public test realm. As his name implies, Doomfist is mainly a melee hero but he does has a few tricks up his sleeve. Doomfist’s left-hand knuckles can fire short-range projectiles and the ammo for it regens automatically over time. Doomfist’s alternate fire is basically a charged dashing punch attack where he lunges forward and knocks people back. Doomfist also has seismic slam and a rising uppercut. His ultimate ability is called meteor strike, where he leaps up into the sky and smashes back into the ground causing a whole lot of damage. It will be interesting to see how well people can integrate Doomfist into games. What do you guys think of Doomfist and his set of skills? Leave a comment!


In a weird plot twist, RED, the company famous for their ridiculous high-end digital cameras, has announced a smartphone called the Hydrogen One. The Hydrogen One has a 5.7-inch hydrogen holographic display. Red claims that this display can switch between 2d content, holographic content and 3D content in both landscape and portrait mode. The phone does operate off of android but other specs have not been announced. In their PDF file, RED also mentions that the phone will have a modularity component to it and that you will also be able to use the phone as a monitor and user interface for RED’s scarlet epic and weapon camera platforms. The phone will come with a USB type-C cable, charger, an expandable microSD slot and “special small token for ordering early” You can place an order today for the aluminum version for $1,195 or the titanium version for $1,595. Those are some pretty steep prices considering we’ve only seen the back of the phone. Current shipping date is Q1 2018.


It’s time for snuppy snuppets.


Russia has just built a concept exoskeleton suit for their armed forces. This combat armor looks bad ass and it apparently will have a heads up display.


The University of California Irvine is now adding an Overwatch scholarship program where the recipient will be given $2,500 a year toward tuition in exchange for 15 and 20 hours a week split between practicing their plays, attending team meetings, entering competitions and even doing a bit of community service. Man, kids these days get all the cool scholarships.


The nintendo switch will be getting its own online phone app that will launch alongside splatoon 2. The app can be used to organize private matches, make teams and even has voice chat.


Over 50 PS4 titles have now been added to Playstation now. Titles like ultra street fighter 4, killzone shadow fall and saints row 4.


And in Destiny 2 news, Activision has announced that both Vicarious Visions and High Moon Studios will be helping Bungie out with resources for post-launch content.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.



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