Dualshock 4 For Steam

Hey its thursday october 13th and the tech news starts in 5 4 3…No, it starts now! 



The Steam Dev Days is happening right now and there were a couple of announcements from the event. First off there is going to be a update that will add full support for Sony’s dual shock 4 controller to the steam controller api. Valve says that existing native support for the dualshock controller on the PC was a bit weak. With this update, the controller will communicate with steam directly so that everything just works.

On the VR side of things, Valve revealed a new prototype controller for Steam VR.  The biggest change for the new controller is the ability to open your hands completely without dropping the controller, which is similar to the oculus touch controllers. Another announcement made at Dev days was that future Samsung tv’s will have the steam link built in. Meaning that you won’t need the $50 box to be able to stream games from your PC to your TV. What do you think about all the news from Steam dev days? Will you start playing steam games with a ps4 controller? Let us know and comment below.

In other news, Periscope today has introduced Periscope Producer. Its a new way for live video content creators to broadcast high quality streams from devices that aren’t a phone or tablet. You can stream from external sources like streaming software, hardware encoders and professional cameras on periscope and twitter. And just any other live broadcast on the platform, the audience can send comments and hearts and watch live on the apps and on the web. However you will need to sign up to be able to get access to Periscope Producer. Will Periscope Producer get an edge over Facebook live? Only time will tell.

Its time for snippy snippets!


Rumours are coming out of Samsung’s Russian operations, saying that the company is concerned about the Note branding has had its reputation destroyed and that Samsung will drop the Note name from future devices. Thats too bad for Jack, he was hoping that the next Note would give Samsung some redemption.

One plus has currently paused production on their oneplus3 flagship phone to either whip up a oneplus 3 variant or to whip up something entirely new.

MSI has announced that their new mini pc the “CUBI 2” with be launching globally soon. These mini PCs will be equipped with intel kaby lake-u processors.

Thermaltake has a new gaming mouse that has a fingerprint sensor built in. Its called the Black FP. I guess if you’re super lazy about inputting passwords, this mouse could help with just a swipe from your thumb.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the ncix forum post linked in the description.




Knock Knock. Who’s there? Dishes. Dishes who? Dishes a bad joke.

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