E-sports Caught Attention From Traditional Sector

E-sports is a new word that is maybe less than 20 years since it came out. However, in the past 10 years it progressively became one of the most popular sector in the entertainment/sports industry.

What is E-sports? To make it simple, it means people play competitive computer games against each other. Your first impression might be: What? a bunch of kids playing games and you call it a business?

Well, if we talk about this back in the 90s it is a joke, but today, excluding casual gaming, competitive gaming oh its own generated $612 million dollars revenue this year. And guess how many people are watching these games online? 134 million! You take that!

As a result, giants from traditional sector started their move. TBS now preparing for weekly CS: GO TV show. This is the first network move and they try to get in on the action.

Since we started this topic, let me tell you a little bit more about E-sports and why it is a real business. E-sports players are called: professional gamers. Why? because they got paid by playing games.

Lets not mention the crazy Asian countries where gaming have long been part of their culture. Just in North America, a league of legend pro gamer could make anywhere between 5k-15k a month. If they are really good players and can show themselves on final stage, there will be additional 20k-50k added.

This is not the end, if they are the best team after all, the Winner of 2015 League of Legend World Championship will be rewarded $1,000,000 cash prize. The picture above is taken at the LOL Would Championship last year.

You will break your jaw if I tell you a UBC student, not too long ago, won $3,0000,000 cash playing DOTA2