EVGA GTX 1080 SC Review – Better than Founders!

Today, HardwareCanucks makes a EVGA GTX 1080 SC Review…. AND IT’S AWESOME!

It has been two months since Nvidia revealed the GTX 1080. Now EVGA reveals their own SUPERCLOCKED model! There is not going to be any debates about its long-term performance characteristics, acoustics, temperatures or even price as its value soars above its rivals.  EVGA has definitely created a phenomenal GTX 1080, one that makes the Founders Edition look insanely overpriced by comparison. Although its design is very ordinary, EVGA equips it with a long list of features. Some of these features under the hood is integrated LED lighting, double ball bearings, upgraded heatpipes and a secondary cooling plate.  It boasts a base clock of 1708MHz, but users can overclock it to a whopping 1847MHz. Furthermore, overclocking will not affect much of the acoustics making enthusiasts extremely pleased.

For many users who have smaller PC cases, this is quite rather compact which is perfect to use when comparing to other customs GPUs

In conclusion, this iteration of the GTX 1080 definitely beats the Founders Edition while being quieter simultaneously, therefore making it one of the best GTX 1080s.


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