Fable Legends Cancelled

After a long, protracted, and confusing development, Microsoft has canceled Fable Legends, and is closing Lionhead Studios, the game’s developer. Lionhead was founded by Peter Molyneux in 1996, famous for the Black and White and Fable series of games. It was acquired by Microsoft in 2006, and Molyneux left in 2012. Fable Legends was a significant departure from the series’ RPG legacy, going for a free-to-play multiplayer only model. The game had been delayed by a year, and was supposed to launch sometime this spring – it’s still in private beta until April 13th, so if you have access, I guess… better play while you can? And fight all the harder, knowing your time is coming soon. Or your character’s is, I guess.

A while ago, we heard that Freesync was going to become available over HDMI, in addition to DisplayPort. Well, Samsung has released the first monitors with that technology. The Samsung CF591 and CF390 are curved 27 and 24 inch 1080p panels, with mid-range specs. Freesync was already cheaper for manufacturers to adopt, since it doesn’t involve proprietary modules from Nvidia, and now that it’s compatible with HDMI, we should see FreeSync in even more less-super-high-end monitors. That’s the nice way of saying cheap.

And next time someone tells you “Macs don’t get viruses”, you can direct them to this story. Mac computers were targeted over the weekend by ransomware, which encrypts user data, asking for money in exchange for the key to unencrypt. The malware, known as KeRanger, is not the first ransomware to attack Macs, but it is the first one to succeed. It was downloaded through an infected copy of the Transmission torrent client, but, fortunately Apple has revoked the security certificate that allows the malware to install itself, and Transmission has put up a new version of the program that removes the ransomware from infected Macs. What, Apple, you thought you were safe? How naive.


Quick bits!

Amazon is reversing its decision to remove the encryption option from Fire tablets, after the public response was so bad. Apparently they were only removing it because no one was using it.

Here’s a bit of a PSA – the new Nvidia Geforce Driver that was released today has been crashing some systems with multiple monitors, including mine when I tried to install it this morning, it was very rude. If you have multiple displays, maybe wait until they fix the issue, or unplug one before you install it.

Google’s Project Fi cell service is now open to the public, no invite required, plus, if you sign up, you can get a Nexus 5X for 200 bucks until April 7th. Sounds like a good deal. And a good time.

Toyota is working on a project called BLAID, a wearable device with a bunch of sensors that will apparently help blind people navigate indoors and around buildings. Really cool, but BLAID? Eh.

And MIT researchers have built a quantum computer that can calculate number factors using only 5 atoms. Awesome! Except it can only get factors for the number 15.