FBI Doesn’t Need Apple Anymore

Tick Tock is dead. And I don’t mean the extremely obscure Marvel comics character. I mean Intel’s chip development model, where a “tick” was moving to a new manufacturing process, and a “tock” was a releasing a new chip architecture. Instead of having that happen every other year, the company says that going forward, they’ll be using a new model, which they’re calling “Process – Architecture – Optimization”. Wow. Reeally doesn’t have the same ring to it. While Intel will still release new products every year, they’ll basically be lengthening the time that a given process is utilized, with 3 major chip releases per process instead of 2. Broadwell and Skylake were both made with the 14 nanometer process, and so will the upcoming Kaby Lake architecture. Ok, I KNOW they could have come up with a better successor to Tick Tock. Although, Process Architecture Optimization would be P.A.O… pao!

The FBI has apparently found another way to crack into the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, without having Apple compromise their security. The government agency has turned to Israeli firm CelleBrite, which specializes in forensic software for phones. CelleBrite does this kind of cracking regularly, so the question is, why didn’t the FBI turn to companies like this BEFORE asking Apple to write specialized decrypting software? It’s ALMOST… like they had ulterior motives. Like what Keys?

And Facebook has decided it’s time to stop beating a dead horse. Said horse is, in this case, Blackberry OS. The web giant has announced plans to end support for Blackberry OS 10 by the end of 2016. In response, Blackberry executives published a blog post saying they’re disappointed, and asking customers to protest Facebook’s decision by using the hashtag “I love BB10 Apps”. Which is, honestly confusing, because everyone kind of assumed that if Blackberry kept making phones at all, they’d run Android, since they released the Android-powered Priv last year – which, by the way, was a really good phone – you can watch Keys’ review of it HERE. Blackberry – it’s time to let go. Embrace the Android hivemind.


Huh. I dono if you knew, but it’s time for… you know. Small talk, or something.

Nintendo has denied reports claiming that they’d stop production of Wii U consoles sometime this year. The company says they’ll continue production into the next fiscal year and beyond. Well thank goodness. We haven’t even gotten a new Zelda game yet. Hey Nintendo, do you think we could pick up the pace, just a little?

Apple is reportedly in “advanced talks” to acquire British processor maker Imagination Technologies, known primarily for their PowerVR series of GPUs – looks like Apple won’t be relying on external GPU makers much longer – for mobile devices, at least.

But looks like Apple should be focusing on making more RAM, not GPUs, as the new 9.7 inch iPad Pro has a measly 2GB of RAM and a lower clocked version of the same chip found in the 12.9 inch Pro, which has 4GB of RAM. So. Maybe “Pros” should stay away from that particular “professional” device.

Google is killing off the Chrome app launcher, which allowed you to launch Chrome apps from the taskbar, because no one was using it, except KEYS was using it, and now he’s VERY upset, why don’t you love him, Google!

And Microsoft has set a wild AI chat bot loose on the internet – it’s called Tay.ai, and it’s “lit a.f.”, fam. You’ll find the bot, which is geared to talk like 18-24 year olds, using super-hip lingo, like that, but beware, cuz sometimes it got no chill. And because I’m not in that age range or super hip, I totally don’t even get what I just said.