Fossil’s Smartwatch & Wearables


Yes, you are reading this right. Fossil is going to launch a new product line “Q”

We all know that Fossil is a watch and accessory maker. It is nice to see some companies from traditional business actually have a very open mind.

And the result is what people would love to see. The question is like: do you like a smartwatch that is made by traditional watch maker or an electronic maker?

I think this is going to be something we will find out in the next 2-3 years. Fossil will not be the only watch maker that start to make smartwatches; and there are already tons of electronic companies that released their smartwatches.

Oh looks like I forget to mention the price. For $275 you can get this FossilQ. Worth a shot? They will be available in 3 today: on Oct. 25th.