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Hi, everybody! Welcome to a Youtube video. This is one where we talk about tech news. But there are loooaaads of other videos that talk about other stuff. Some of them are even good. But this one’s about tech news, so if you want to get caught up, you should watch this one. Then later, who knows? Maybe check out a few other ones on the website as well. Oh! It’s starting!


Reviews for the Samsung Galaxy S8 are up, and the consensus seems to be that while overall, it seems like a typically great phone, with a stellar camera and beautiful design, its gimmicks aren’t anything to write home about. The iris scanner is a bit janky to use, and voice control for mmmmBIXBY won’t be here until later this spring. On the plus side, Samsung is going to release a software update to fix the red-tint that some users have experienced on their displays. But hey, if the S8 just really isn’t for you, Samsung is also launching pre-orders for the Galaxy Book, a Surface Pro competitor with an S Pen. But in case you needed another reason not to pre-order things, let’s just remember what happened to the last device released with the S Pen. Hmm? Yeah. So watch it.


In net neutrality news, Canada has it, and America is losing it. Yesterday, the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, or CRTC, they’re our version of the FCC, ruled that “internet service providers should tread data traffic equally to foster consumer choice, innovation and the free exchange of ideas”. The ruling serves to strike down Quebec-based ISP Videotron, who was giving its customers free reign to stream music from certain apps without it counting against their data caps. While that scenario sounds like a desirable one, allowing it would also allow ISPs to charge more for certain services over others, which is kind of the whole thing about net neutrality – all internet data is supposed to be treated equally. This move stands in contrast to where the FCC seems to be going, as chairman Ajit Pai called net neutrality a “mistake” in February and has been in the process of reversing the net neutrality rules enacted by former chairman Tom Wheeler. Whether you’re for net neutrality or against, it’s always nice, for me, anyways, to see stories published on big news websites about Canada. America. .. you do know we exist.


Only 2 main stories today, but that’s because we have a slightly longer section for …QUICK BITS.


Starting off with a few GPU stories in a row:

Surprise! There’s a Radeon RX 550 now too. It should be good for… replacing integrated graphics? If you play MOBAs and Minecraft, this thing should be choice.

On the complete other end of the spectrum, GALAX is releasing their Hall of Fame variant of the GTX 1080 Ti, complete with 16+3 phases for power and 3 8 pin power connectors, so overclocking will be mandatory with this card. No buts.

And EVGA, MSI, and ASUS are all launching, new versions of the GTX 1080 with faster memory, now clocked at 11GHz. It remains to be seen how much faster memory will have on GPU performance, and, Jack is actually working on a video on that very subject, so stay tuned.

Sledgehammer games has officially revealed that the next Call of Duty game will be heading back to World War II, but for some reason they’re calling it Call of Duty Wwwiiii. So 2006. In more ways than one.

Twitch has announced the Affiliates Program, which allows eligible streamers to start earning income, serving as sort of a stepping stone between regular old plebs and Twitch Partners.

Windows is reportedly holding an event around May 2nd to announce its light version of Windows 10, Windows 10 Cloud, as well as a budget-friendly, education friendly, and just generally friendly laptop to take on Chromebooks. Chromebooks can kind of be jerks sometimes, so I’m looking forward to it.

Lilium has taken its flying car prototype for a pretty convincing first test flight in Germany, taking off and landing vertically and transitioning between hover and full flight modes. It seats 2 passengers right now, but the plan is to expand that to 6 and use them as autonomous transports in cities. Maybe flying cars.. Aren’t ridiculous after all. Oh.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the ncix forum post linked in the description.




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